Friday, January 22, 2016

The TRUE Vast Rightwing Conspiracy

As I type... Glenn Beck is babbling in the background... citing the NEW YORK TIMES as "buttress" to his anti-Trump rantings.

THE... NEW... YORK... TIMES...!?!?!

THIS is Beck's new "go to?" The NYT is Beck's new "back-up?"


Folks... ya can't make this $hit up!

Hey... folks... ya know how most people are Sheeple - easily manipulated... not all that bright... fairly ignorant... and above all "herd" animals? Well... that applies to many "conservatives" as well.

Forget Beck. Let's move on to the anti-Palin sentiment now being expressed by... (*SNORT*)... not the Left... not the Obama (Sanders... Clinton... O'Malley) camps... but by self-described CONSERVATIVES!


So... let me get this straight: All of a sudden SARAH PALIN isn't a conservative? REALLY...?!?!

Folks... here's what's going on: The GOP Establishment is out to destroy Trump.

And, folks... as dumb as they are... they're able to walk and chew gum at the same time, so... COUNT ON THIS: They ALSO want to destroy Cruz...

Folks... you know how the competing oligarchs often cooperate in the service of their general goals of using government to advance their economic interests? Well... the GOP Establishment too is unified in opposing ALL who aren't "on the team."

Trump isn't "on the team." Cruz DEFINITELY isn't "on the team." Paul... maintains an "alliance of convenience" of sorts with that scumbag McConnell based upon Kentucky internal politics... but... obviously the Establishment will NEVER support the likes of a Rand Paul - no matter how Paul attacks Trump and Cruz.


Remember Gingrich in 2012? Remember how well he did in the debates... how he had the liberal media on the defensive? What happened? The REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT united to take Gingrich out. It wasn't the Left. It wasn't the Democrats. It was the Republican Establishment.

And how'd that work out for America...???


My buddy David Zornes and I go back and forth on who should be the GOP nominee: David supports Paul. I support Cruz. We (ok... mainly me...) can get snarky with each other... but neither one of us ever attacks the other as "not conservative."

Again... PAY ATTENTION... all of a sudden you're seeing SARAH PALIN being slammed as "not a true conservative."


Er... since when...?!?!

Folks... I'm not saying all of you need to be "Trump fans." What I am saying is this: PAY ATTENTION! Pay attention to WHO it is who is attacking Trump. Pay attention to who it is attacking Palin. Pay attention to who (while they may be "holding their fire" at the moment so as to concentrate that fire on Trump and Palin) has disdained Cruz... and Paul... and Gingrich back in 2012.


Consider history: WHO was it who OPPOSED Ronald Reagan in 1976 and again in 1980 when he was a candidate for the GOP nomination?


And then "scroll forward in time" to the POST-Reagan years... the Pappy Bush years... when the Republican Establishment RECLAIMED POWER... for a mere four years. (Yeah... how'd that work out? It ended up putting Bill Clinton in the White House!)

NRO... the Wall Street Journal... Fox News... who are they aligned with? (I'll give you a hint - it ain't Trump... OR Cruz... OR Paul...)

As I browse FB I'm simply appalled at how STUPID... how easily manipulated... so many so-called "conservatives" are. They're buying into the RINO tactics and strategy hook, line, and sinker.


Wise up "conservatives!" If Pappy Bush... Dubya... "President" McCain and "President" Romney didn't teach you anything...



You "conservatives" DO get that the GOP Establishment still dreams of another "President Bush," or perhaps a "President Rubio." You DO get that the GOP Establishment stands for crony capitalism, open borders, and "nation-building" abroad - via our blood and our treasure? RIGHT...?!?! You folks GET this - RIGHT?

Wake up... PLEASE... wake up!


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