Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sarah Palin's Endorsement of Trump

It matters, folks.

I'm still a Cruz guy... but I just watched Palin's endorsement speech... and it matters to me that Sarah Palin trusts Trump enough to endorse him.

This post is gonna be more of a free-association ramble than a targeted essay... so bear with me:

I'm a Cruz guy... but "laying odds"... I'd give Trump a better shot at beating the Democratic nominee when push comes to shove. People are idiots! Cruz is too smart for many folks - it's that simple and straight-forward. And he's goofy looking. Idiots care about looks! Idiots care about "presentation." I may not like it - you may not like it - but there it is.

Trump's hair? Trump's bravado? Trump's stick? Clearly it WORKS for him! (Again... like it or not... it is what it is...)

At one point during her long, rambling (yeah! rambling! like me!) endorsement speech, Palin gave a shout-out to Rand Paul and Rand Paul's foreign policy principles - which hearken back to our Founders' foreign policy prescriptions and cautions! Yea for Sarah Palin! And yea for Trump in the sense that Palin's words and reference to Paul while endorsing Trump give me hope that Trump's foreign policy (if he wins the nomination and then the presidency) will be the sane foreign policy that ultimately is the logical outcome of the long-term post-U.S.S.R. Reagan foreign policy!

Trade. I'm with Trump. America First! Fair trade! (And you know what? If we're gonna place a thumb on the scale... at least I trust Trump to place his thumb where it benefits the American worker over the American oligarchs... where it benefits Main Street over Wall Street!

Immigration? Need I even comment?! Trump's my guy! (Cruz isn't "bad"... but Trump has led the charge for preserving our culture!)

Why didn't Palin throw her support behind Cruz? I don't know. I'd like to know. But I don't. I like Palin. A lot! I believe she's sincere. I believe she's competent. (And her record shows she is!) And certainly she's conservative. So... what's that tell me? It tells me that I should pay attention to her decision! And so I am!

Again... let me reiterate... I'm still for Cruz. I'm still a huge Rand Paul fan as well! I have problems with Trump's position on Eminent Domain ("problems" is putting it mildly) and Trump's apparent support for ethanol. (I hate ethanol!) And I could go on and on... but... I could also dissect Cruz's positions and actions... Paul's positions and actions... Palin's positions and actions... but here's the deal, folks: I can't appoint MYSELF President! 


So we're back to the actual candidates who can win who I can support. Cruz is my guy... and I'd be thrilled with Paul (but he's not gonna be the nominee)... and... I'd enthusiastically support Donald Trump against any Democrat.

Folks... watch Palin's endorsement speech. Make up your own mind.


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