Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nancy Calhoun, Roxanne Donnery, and Chris McKenna

Who are the folks I refer to in this post's title?

Well... two of them are politicians... the third is - at least by title - a "journalist."

Roxanne Donnery is the Democratic Party candidate for NY's 96th Assembly District.

Nancy Calhoun? She's the long-serving incumbent Republican running for re-election.

Chris McKenna? He's a reporter for the Times Herald-Record, my regional daily. He actually cursed me out in public last night following a public political debate...

And lived to (not) tell the tale...

(Don't worry, though... I'll tell it!)


First off... please click on this link and read the article in question.

Well... that article doesn't tell the half of it!

First off, what the article's author fails...

(*SMIRK*) point out is that his colleague - Chris McKenna - acted as moderator for part of this debate. As moderator, apparently he thought his job was to ask asinine questions concerning the past rather than using his time stick to the present, the future, and policy questions.

Point blank, McKenna (mis)used the opportunity the League of Women Voters gave him and instead of serving the public interest, he deliberate asked questions he knew would provide fodder for personal attacks by the candidates upon each other.

It was disgusting. It was self-serving. It was the worst type of tabloid "journalism" meant to "juice up" at story in an effort to sell newspapers.

While McKenna was going through his act, I actually gestured a representative of the League over and protested that this "moderator" was wasting our time and making a mockery of the goal of the debate - that goal being to inform the public of the policies and beliefs championed by the candidates.

Whether it was due to my pleadings or not, within moments of our finishing our "sidebar" the League representative went up on stage and took control of the proceedings.

Returning my focus to Calhoun and Donnery... their performances were appalling. Calhoun was "on offense" from the start, launching personal attacks upon her foe; but Donnery was no better - refusing to give straight answers to question, justifying wasting public money on junkets...


Here's all you've gotta know, folks: When asked directly (by me in fact) to critique their own Parties, Calhoun had "one thing" to note while Donnery didn't even attempt to answer the question.

Both women insisted they were well aware of Albany's dysfunction, yet neither would identify specific leaders of their own Parties responsible.

Both women acknowledged that both Albany - the state government - and Washington, representing our federal government are in a hole financially... "broke"... yet at the same time both candidates bragged about the pork they brought home - Calhoun as a sitting Assembly member and Donnery as a (Orange) County legislator and before that local school board member.

Calhoun refused to directly endorse Carl Paladino for governor against Andrew Cuomo...

(Meaning she'd be just as happy - perhaps more so - if Cuomo won...)

...while Donnery refused to rule out voting to re-elect Sheldon Silver to the Speakership of the NYS Assembly.

Folks... bottom line... whichever of these two women wins on Tuesday, "We The People" of the State of New York are screwed.

Oh... and finally... back to McKenna...

As McKenna's colleague Doyle Murphy noted, the debate ended with Calhoun and Donnery literally screaming at each other. It was appalling. Both women should be ashamed of themselves. Their behavior was beyond infantile.

McKenna's reaction...?


He couldn't get enough!

There he sat in a front row seat smirking and chuckling - as if what we were witnessing was funny.

Well, Chris... if you're reading this... let me reiterate what I said to you last night: This kind of behavior isn't funny. This state and this nation have huge problems and the time for "amusement" at the dysfunction is over.

While the candidates were going at it on stage, totally ignoring the audience, totally ignoring the League representatives, making a complete and utter spectacle of themselves... demeaning themselves... I called across the 20-ft. or so separating McKenna's seat from mine asking, "Chris... you think this is funny...?!"

Now bear in mind, folks... McKenna knows me. (Both candidates knew me as well.)

Getting McKenna's attention I asked again, "Chris... do you really think this is funny... is this a joke to you?"

Well, McKenna wasn't pleased that I had "caught" him. He certainly wasn't pleased that other folks in the audience were following our... er... conversation.

I walked over to McKenna (the candidates simply continued screaming at each other) and challenged him on his own shameful behavior. I had a handout - a piece of paper - in my hand and as I was gesturing a tip of the paper touched McKenna. The little priss took that as an excuse to say "Don't hit me."


Anyway... I said, "Oh, please! What... did it hurt?"

Next thing you know McKenna is throwing around the F-bomb and calling me an "A--hole."

Yep... a supposedly professional reporter... acting this way in public.

His big complaint against me was summed up with his whine of, "What business is it of yours how I act?!"

Well... since McKenna was not only the debate "moderator" whose "official" behavior reflected badly upon the sponsors of the event and shortchanged the public, but also an identified representative of the Times Herald-Record... I thought McKenna's "question" a bit ridiculous.

To reiterate from something I said last night: "If journalists like you, Chris, are going to claim that you're working for the public good under the protections of the First Amendment, then for God's sake do your jobs and serve the public."

Anyway, folks... you all should have been there!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Barker's Newsbites: Friday, October 29, 2010

Now to be fair, unlike other "celebrities" such as Roman Polanski and Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton is not a child molester.

Nope! I'll defend the former president all day long on that one!

No... Bill Clinton is more of a Woody Allen kinda guy... absent the the "unfortunate" sleeping with and then marrying one's own step-child stigma...


And now... on to today's newsbites!

Hide Your Young Daughters...!!!

The world's most admired degenerate - Bill Clinton - is coming to Harriman, NY!

(Hmm... I wonder if he'll be bringing Woody Allen with him...???)

"Good ol' Bill" will be appearing tonight in Harriman - IBEW Local 363; 67 Commerce Drive South; Harriman, NY 10962 - tomorrow night to highlight a John Hall fundraiser. (Doors open at 7:00 p.m.)

Ahh... memories of Bill...

There was Paula Jones... Kathleen Willey... Juanita Broaddrick...

(Hey... haven't we all been creditably accused of rape at one time or another...???)


Yep... makes you proud to be an American...


Recall those glorious days of yore, folks...

Don't trust the source I've provided the link to? Fine! Hey... I'm all for authoritative sourcing! Just use that link to refresh your memories and then goggle the appropriate key words. Use Wikipedia for all I care... but only as your first stop.

Remember Marc Rich and the other "dead of night" pardons?

("Paging Mr. Holder... paging Mr. Eric Holder...")

Oh, yeah... some folks have come a long way, baby!

Oh... jeez... just proof-reading my list of Clinton perv activity I noticed that I almost forgot the biggest... er... "Lewinsky" of them all - Monica Lewinski!

(Hey... what ever happened to Vernon Jordan...???)

Oh... memories of "Bill and the gang..."

(Notice how I just left it at "gang"...)

(Hey... what was that loud noise...???)


Folks... in all seriousness... if this son of a b-i-t-c-h Clinton had a shred of shame - or an ounce of honorable regret - he'd be in self-imposed "exile," perhaps hiding out in Switzerland or France... or at the very least Palm Beach...

Perverts, folks... degenerates and perverts. Doesn't matter how famous they are... how much influence they weld... how much money they've "earned"...


I've gotta be honest with you. Bill Clinton disgusts me. Former president... ongoing dirtbag.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Barker's Newsbites: Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is just such a great song... it's... sweet.

The word wistful also comes to mind...

The Kinks are indeed one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barker's Newsbites: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Same thing, today, folks... just busy.

Funny thing... if I only get around to posting the one newsbite I've already found... that one newsbite should get my point across that the inmates are running the asylum.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Barker's Newsbites: Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey Gang!

I'm getting a late, late, late start on blogging today.

Appeared on Frank Fornario's radio show on WTBQ this morning.

Good show. I endorsed Republican challenger Nan Hayworth for New York's 19th Congressional District seat and Democratic challenger Roxanne Donnery for New York's 96th Assembly District seat. To round things out I refused to endorse either Republican incumbent Bill Larkin or Democratic challenger Harley Doles for New York's 39th Senatorial District seat.

After the show I headed up to Goshen to see Carl Paladino, who was making a campaign whistle stop at the Orange County Government Seat. I didn't bother introducing myself to Mr. Paladino for the simple reason that I knew I wouldn't have been able to resist making a scene by informing Paladino that his "host," Bill DeProspo - Chairman of the Orange Country GOP - is a weasel... exactly the sort of political hack that Paladino has been fighting against.

I did get one shot in against the media though! After doing a photo-op Paladino stepped up (down, actually... he had been on a deli porch chatting and drinking coffee) to the mics to do a media Q&A on the street the first two questions out of the halfwit "reporters" (and I use the term loosely) were about false rumors circulating (and circulated by the Democrat's dirty tricks machine) concerning Paladino's military record. The moment Paladino finished up answering the second stupid question in a row I spoke up loud and clear by posing the rhetorical question, "Hey... any chance any of you media folks are going to ask a policy question?"

For a second there was silence, than supportive snickering (Paladino cracked a smile) and knowing they had overplayed their hand, the reporters from that point on stuck to policy questions.

After the press conference broke up I headed to the Chrysler-Dodge dealership right down the road and got an oil change for Hank. Well... that was the plan at least. Actually, while performing the oil change and standard inspection the mechanic found a loose tie-rod which had to be replaced and then of course I needed an alignment...


Long story short, I didn't end up getting home till after 4:00 p.m. That said, Hank is very happy with his new tie-rod, alignment, oil, and filter.

Synthetic oil and a K&N filter of course...

Anyway... let me throw a few newsbites on the comments section before heading to bed!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barker's Newsbites: Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you see what I see...?

If not... I can only speculate that it's because you don't want to see it.

Each day I try to shine a beam of light upon the rot destroying our country. I know that a number of you tune in regularly.

Heck... I receive emails verifying that I'm not simply "talking to myself" here.


And hell... as I've noted from the inception of this blog... whether anyone reads what I post or not, I'll continue to compile this partial "diary" of news, facts, opinion and analysis pertaining to what I see as the ongoing decline of my beloved country.

Oh... not all is gloom and doom.

As predicted by... er... moi... back as early as 2005, by holding the RINOs (Republicans in name only) accountable for their failings and betrayals and allowing the Left of the Democratic Party to take control of our federal government the American People have had their eyes opened and millions of our fellow citizens have actually gotten off their duffs and involved themselves in the political process and thrown themselves in to "social struggle" to reclaim our beloved America from freedom-suffocating so-called "Progressive" thought.

Bottom line, Pelosi, Reid and the congressional Left acted as the fuse starting in 2007 and Barak Obama's election and subsequent presidential actions have served as the flame since 2009 - the flame illuminating the threat that people such as Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank, and all the other Leftist politicians and their allies (masters...???) outside of elective office pose to our nation.

To anyone who believes I'm being melodramatic I simply ask this:

How can your honestly held position be that I'm "exaggerating," when each day I provide the evidence backing up my contentions in black and white...???



While with or without feedback I'll continue to blog, to "do the work" and present the results free of charge in the form of "Barker's Newsbites" and other postings, I'd sure as heck like to get some public feedback once in awhile.

I know... I know... several of you actually do have legitimate fears of being linked to some of my more... er... "extreme" comments. You have jobs - careers - where any link to political "controversy" could conceivably "blow back" on you in terms of professional development and future opportunity. I get it...


That said, unless you're extremely paranoid... a bit more feedback via email would be appreciated.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barker's Newsbites: Tuesday, October 19, 2010


What comes to mind when you listen to this song?

I try to pick a "neat" newsbite theme song for each day's or weekend's newsbites. These are songs that I enjoy and that I'm betting all of you enjoy - at least I'm betting all of you enjoy most of them.

Today's song, though...


How I loved this song as a 12 year old. It "bops." It tells a story. It's fun to sing!

But the story...

God help me. Even as a kid I "understood" the point of the song. I understood the words. But they didn't truly reach me. I didn't have a brother or father in Vietnam. If my parents ever attended the funeral of one of "our boys" killed in Vietnam I'm not aware of it.

My dad was a marine during WW-2 - a marine assigned to Pacific theatre. I don't know much about his service, only that he was shipboard - fleet service - during the Battle of Midway.

My Uncle Bob was a bomber pilot in European theatre during "The War."

My Uncle Art... he was the family "hero"... his was the second tank to survive the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach, Normandy France. Uncle Art crossed Europe with Patton, ending the war facing the Russians in what was then Czechoslovakia.

My Uncle Art was the toughest guy I ever knew. Remember Clint Eastwood's character - "Sgt. Thomas Highway" - in Heartbreak Ridge? That was Uncle Art. Or... think of a slightly less mellow Walt Kowalski from Gran Torino.

My point is... I was raised to believe that regardless of the cost, if America went to war then the war was to be supported - and won... damn the cost.

I was gung-ho through middle school... through high school... through college. I was your typical "patriot," your typical "hawk." I favored - and still do - a "strong" foreign policy.

Thing is... my idea of a "strong" foreign policy has changed over the years. To take a word out of the liberal lexicon, my attitudes have "evolved;" I've "grown."

It started with Pappy Bush and Colin Powell screwing up the First Gulf War - not only allowing Saddam Hussein to retain power... but worse... more dishonorably... allowing Saddam to drain the Qurna Marshes, slaughter the Marsh Arabs, and crush the Kurdish rebellion in the North of Iraq that Bush himself had egged on.

Folks... understand: George Herbert Walker Bush behaved in a dishonorable fashion and brought shame upon this country. And if anything - as shown by his behavior during this past decade following his role in the first Bush administration - Colin Powell is even more to be blamed and disdained for dishonorable personal and public behavior.

In any case, back to today's "theme song" - Billy Don't Be A Hero - when I hear this song today all I can think of is how once again we're throwing blood and treasure away on a cause that's beyond simply "lost;" rather, it's a "cause" that's misguided.

To those of you who regularly read my "newsbites," you folks know what I mean.

What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan in force? Certainly our 100,000 troops plus aren't "protecting" me. At the very least they're "protecting" me only in the sense that the Vietnam war "protected" America.

(Anyone think Vietnam was worth the price in blood and treasure? If anyone could go back in time and decide whether whether to re-fight the Vietnam War the way we fought it... would you choose to re-fight that war?)

Today... October 19, 2010... all "Billy Don't Be A Hero" reminds me of is that we're repeating the mistakes of the past and that while I'm helping to "pay" the "treasure" part of the cost, it's others who will pay the mental and physical price in wounds and deaths for the policies of the Obama administration.

Blame Bush for failing to get us out of Afghanistan after we had toppled the Taliban and installed a "friendly" government. But Bush ain't been president... he ain't been Commander-In-Chief... since January 2009.

Congressional Democrats have been in a position to end our involvement in Afghanistan since January of 2007.

Barak Hussein Obama has been in a position to disengage since January of 2009.

Again... today is October 19, 2010.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Barker's Newsbites: Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanks, Craig...!

Trooper Soandso on PIP duty yesterday afternoon was kind enough to provide "you" a courtesy on my behalf.

...or should that be "provide me" a courtesy on your behalf...???

In any case: Instructional video.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Need A Vacation To Recover From My Vacation!

So... this is what sobriety feels like...


Well, we did it again: Drunk'n Ted's, Original Drunk'n Mary's, Drunk'n Bill's and Semi-Drunk'n Bill's Mary's Third Annual Key West Sojourn was a smashed... er... smashing... success!

No boating this year, but DT and ODM did rent a scooter!

Ted purchased four tee-shirts for... er... $96.


I "won" this year's "Stimulate the Key West Restaurant Scene" trophy by dropping $361 on dinner for four at Cafe Sole. (Actually $90 per head ain't all that bad when you consider the quality of the meal...)

We stayed at a new place this year - The Conch House.

Discovered a new happy hour!

Also enjoyed a swim and a few wee cocktails at the Southernmost House and Key Ambassador which has the largest pool of any hotel in Key West.

Let's see... what else...

Well... our first night in town we hit our usual lunch spot - Parrotdise - for some beers, fried pickles, and lobster reubens.

Wednesday evening we watched the baseball playoffs at Finnegan's Wake.

During the course of our wanderings we revisited old favorites such as The Green Parrot, The Half Shell,
Irish Kevin's, The Hog Fish Bar and Grill on Stock Island, The Schooner Wharf Bar...


...and tried a few new places, including the Southernmost Beach Cafe at the aforementioned Southernmost Hotel and Alonzo's for their happy... happy... happy hour...

Oh, yeah... this year we "discovered" Dante's! (Don't know how we "missed" it in years past, but we did...)

Finally made it to Shanna Key! (A "local's" joint; the Guinness was perfection itself and the service was friendly and professional! And... we got the last black and blue burger of the night!)

We finally had dinner at Pepe's! Say it with me, folks... Steak Smothered in Pork Chops!

(Yep. You read that correctly. Not "smothered in pork chop gravy." Nope. We're talking Steak Smothered in actual Pork Chops...!)

We also had lunch at Pepe's on Friday - a.k.a. Mac & Cheese Day! (Funny... we got there kinda late in the afternoon and after taking my order - cheese-steak sandwich w/bacon and of course a side of jalapeno mac & cheese - and those of DT, ODM, and SDBM, our waitress went into the kitchen only to return almost immediately with the news that the folks at the table next to us had just ordered the last of the mac & cheese. My reaction was what you'd expect; tears, sobs, whinning, threats of violence, offers of extra cash if the chef would make more... but to - at first - no avail. Thing was... I must have looked so pathetic that the waitress took mercy on me - on us - and out of the blue she brought us over one small dish of Pepe's incredable mac & cheese... that dish having originally been put aside as the waitress' very own lunch! We feel upon it like savages and of course I managed to fork my way through the lion's share. We'll always be grateful to that beautiful, wonderful, saint of a waitress!!! And next time... we'll get there by 11:30 a.m.!)

Let's see... what else...

Ted and Mary revisited Seven Fish for dinner one night while (my!) Mary and I tried out a new place, Ilona's Garden Cafe. A most enjoyable experience, I must say! Ilona's is a fairly new joint - five months old I believe - run by Jack and his girlfriend Ilona. She's Hungarian and so is the menu; he's a wine and beer guy and it shows - the guy really knows what he's doing with his fine selection of tap and bottled beers and fine yet fairly priced wines!

Hmm... other stops...

We stopped by El Siboney for lunch one afternoon and all of us were glad we did. Nothing fancy; just the opposite, in fact! Simple, tasty, authentic Cuban food and kick-ass homemade sangria at a bargain price! Ted and I both had a cuban and my Mary had a boliche; if memory serves ODM had seafood, but for the life of me I can't recall whether it was shellfish or "regular" fish. A little Cuban espresso (my Mary had a cafe con leche) for Ted, ODM and myself and a shared slice of Guava Cheese Cake... (*YUM*) and call it another fine meal for the memory banks!

The Conch House serves a nice little continental breakfast of fresh fruits, freshly baked muffins and banana bread, a totally awesome coffee cake with icing, bagels, damned fine coffee and choice of orange or vegetable juice, but one morning Ted, my Mary and I actually made it out to an "off site" breakfast at Croissants de France on Duval. Nice! I had my first galette!

Oh... last... and yes, unfortunately least... we dropped by the Roof Top Cafe one evening for drinks. The place is beautiful; the setting wonderful, the drinks sublime (and at those prices they'd better be!)... but the service left quite a bit to be desired. We arrived around 10:30 p.m. on a Friday evening to find one apparent staffer (actually he might have been the owner; either that or the chef) seated at the bar and only two or three tables still occupied by dinners finishing up their dinners. The bartendress was "model" hot, but unfortunately also "model" aloof. (Hey... no offense to all you friendly models out there!) At $9 to $12 a pop for drinks (and Key West ain't Manhattan folks... it ain't even LA) I expect friendly service. We didn't get it. This little blond wasn't exactly rude... but she sure as hell wasn't Ms. Welcome Wagon. Well... her loss! It was my turn to pay and I left her exactly 15% - down to the penny.

(Funny thing... our hostess at the Conch House wasn't surprised at all when we told her of our experience; she said the place was known for giving off that "wanna-be hip" vibe and that even the locals were treated as if the Roof Top Cafe was doing them a favor by "accepting" their money.)

Anyway... all in all it was a liver taxing yet laid back Key West holiday. Mary and I even made sure to (finally!) visit St. Mary's Star of the Sea Church!

This year we flew in to Ft. Lauderdale instead of our usual flight into Miami. We had an earlier flight than Ted and ODM so we picked up the rental car. I got a decent deal using Hotwire - $20.80/day for a full-size car. (Budget insisted that a Hyundai Sonata is a full-size vehicle; I was a bit annoyed at first, having been expecting an Impala or a Charger, but I've gotta admit... the Sonata was roomy and peppy enough.) The two hours between our arrival and Ted and Mary's arrival allowed us time to hit a Piggly Wiggly for "supplies" - ice, a cooler, beer, and booze!

As to our flight home, there too we reversed our usual pattern and we dropped Drunk'n Ted and Original Drunk'n Mary at FLL at 4:00 p.m. for their 5:10 p.m. flight and my Mary - Semi-drunk'n Bill's Mary - and I then drove around Ft. Lauderdale for a bit in search of a restaurant; we finally ended up having a nice outside/dockside dinner at Houston's off Pompano Beach.

We made it back to FLL (a nice, convenient relatively manageable airport btw; a much more pleasant experience than MIA) and had the rental car returned by 7:05 p.m. leaving us with 45 minutes to spare prior to boarding. The flight left a few minutes early; unfortunately it arrived a few minutes late due to air traffic control delays. Still, the late night return flight worked out fine, as did off-airport parking at EZ Parking at the EWR Crowne Plaza for $10/day plus tax. We didn't have to wait more than ten minutes curbside for the shuttle van to arrive and our car was "staged" and all ready to go when we were. An hour drive home and we walked in the house slightly before 1:30 a.m. this morning.

I glanced at Drudge earlier, but they'll be no newsbites till tomorrow.

As alway... thanks for reading my ramblings!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Barker's Newsbites: Monday, Oct. 4, 2010

Me two, Gretchen... me two...

And representing the Age of Obama... (*SHRUG*)

Hey, folks... let me throw out some thoughts and observations and if anyone can tell me I'm wrong... well... give it your best shot!

Our own government - in the form of the Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury - is deliberately subverting our nation's currency; their actual policy is to devalue the dollar.

Those who follow current events - and certainly those who regularly avail themselves of "Barker's Newsbites" - are aware that the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department have at this point basically come right out and announced that official U.S. governmental policy is... er... pro inflation.

(Again, if anyone cares to dispute this I invite you to cite your sources and make your best case; I cite my sources and make my own case each and every day.)

I could go on and on, but I'll let past, present, and future newsbites and other posts continue to make my points for me.

We're in deep, deep trouble as a nation... as a society.

Our federal government is dysfunctional. Many of our state governments are dysfunctional. (New York, California, Illinois to name just a few.) The inmates are running the asylum and even if the GOP takes back the House (and perhaps even the Senate - but frankly that would be a double-edged sword as I've previously noted) we're talking trading one group of self-serving incompetents for a group of... (*SIGH*)... hopefully lesser self-serving incompetents.

In order to set this country to rights we'll need to do a heck of a lot more than simply "repeal" - or more likely "defund" - ObamaCare.

We are so screwed up on so many levels that frankly... I'm afraid there's no real long-term hope.

I pray I'm wrong. I pray that every day.