Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Again With This Theme: "What is Conservatism Today?"

So... "teams..."

Who's on your "team?"

If Donald Trump isn't a "conservative" yet Sarah Palin endorses him... does that make Sarah Palin "not a conservative" too?

Is Chris Christie a "conservative?" How'bout Lindsey Graham? Is Newt Gingrich more or less "conservative" than Mitt Romney? (And if the answer is "more" then how the hell did Romney get the Republican nomination last time around...?)

Is the Republican Party "conservative?" If so... how does one explain the aforementioned Romney presidential nomination in 2012... or the McCain nomination of 2008?

(Remember "John McCain 2000?" Hmm... then compare and contrast to "John McCain 2008." Which was - is - the "real" John McCain?)

Bush. Pappy... Dubya... Jeb... take your pick! "Conservatives...???" All during the 70's George H.W. Bush fought tooth and nails to deny Ronald Reagan the opportunity to be President! True... Reagan "bought him off" in a devil's bargain to unite the GOP behind him (and it worked!)... but once "Pappy" assumed the presidency in his own right he IMMEDIATELY began dismantling "Reaganism."

As to "Dubya," I direct your attention to... well... his two administrations - particularly his actions during 2007 and 2008 with regard to economic policies.


Are neocons "conservatives?" (How'd Iraq work out for us...?) On foreign policy... who represents "conservatism" - the neocons or the Libertarians... folks like Ron Paul and Rand Paul? (For what it's worth... I know who the majority of the Founders would be in line with!)

Main Street or Wall Street? Well? (Raise your hand if you're a big fan of oligarchs, hedge fund managers, and various "masters of the universe.")

How'bout "free trade?" ("Free" trade that isn't "Fair" trade...)

Who cheers the deindustrialization of America? "Conservatives?" (Trick question: MOST Republicans and MOST Democrats in positions of power, wealth, and influence have much more in common with their fellow "elites" in China... throughout the world actually... than they do with the American working man and working woman.)

Is or is not Patrick J. Buchanan a "conservative?" How'bout Mark Steyn? Both men are anti-oligarchy and anti-neocon...


I could go on and on, but I know most don't have the attention span...


So let me end here by reiterating: This "conservative" label that so many claim as their own is a pretty big tent. And frankly... many "conservatives" are... scumbags.


In the days, weeks, and months to come... many of these scumbags are gonna do everything in their power to muddy the waters concerning who the true "conservatives" are and aren't. My advice? Pay them no heed. Do your own research. See what positions the candidates take. Factor in the "trust factor." (For example... even if you don't "trust" Donald Trump... do you "trust" Sarah Palin?)

Here's one thing for sure: You CAN'T trust the RINOs. You CAN'T trust the GOP Establishment. You CAN'T trust the media... and I'm talking not just the liberal media... but also... you can't trust NRO... or the WSJ... or Fox News... or Glenn Beck.

For what it's worth, folks... you CAN trust me.

Thanks for reading... and I hope you CONTINUE to read!


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