Monday, January 4, 2016

Barker's Newsbites: Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!

Back from vacation - recharged and refreshed!

Folks... I'm 53 years old. Come May 14th I'll be 54. Come November... it's make or break for this country.


It really IS that friggin' simple.

November 2012 marked us as a sick country populated by a sick People. Again... it really IS that friggin' simple. 

The election of 2014 served to show me that there still MAY be hope for us... BUT... the reality is that the GOP has shown itself to be a Stage 3 cancer upon the Body Politic while of course the Democratic Party represents a Stage 4 cancer.


The mask is completely off, folks, and almost half of the Sheeple seem perfectly fine with the continued decline and fall of our once great nation; indeed, by my reckoning... at least 20% of the population is actively hostile to all I and people like me hold dear.

As you all know (unless you're coming upon my commentary for the first time), I'm supporting Ted Cruz for President. If I could simply snap my fingers and put a President in place, I'd probably "appoint" Rand Paul... or perhaps Ron Paul.


If Donald Trump somehow manages to win the GOP nomination... I'll support him... enthusiastically... even with all the baggage he brings and even with all the policy disagreements I have with him.


One way or the other... be in Ted Cruz or Donald Trump... if come November's election doesn't result in the defeat of BOTH the Democratic Left AND the RINO Republican Establishment... that will mark the end of all hope for saving our nation. I truly believe this.

The Left and the Establishment as a whole have contempt for the Constitution, contempt for Liberty, and contempt for the Republic.

The elites want a top-down corporatist/fascist/socialist world government. They do. If you don't understand this than you understand nothing.

I'll be ok, folks. My kid and her husband will be ok. Many of my friends and their kids will be ok. But... many won't. I can't stress strongly enough that this "new world order" the joint Establishments are attempting to foster upon us will NOT benefit "regular" Americans.

Keep reading my blog postings, friends... for as long as they're ALLOWED to be posted.

Follow me on Facebook. (Again... for as long as I'm PERMITTED to rant on via Facebook.)

We're at the end game, folks...


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William R. Barker said...

Wow... woke up this morning realizing I didn't actually ADD any actual newsbites yesterday! (*CHUCKLE*) Got caught up in return home housekeeping chores. (*WINK*) Anyway... it was a good intro - right? (*GUFFAW*)