Monday, November 2, 2015

You Should All Bookmark Taki's Magazine

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Anyway... you really all should bookmark Taki's Magazine.

And speaking of: Here's Taki himself!

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The counter-culture has won the war.

Ninety-seven percent spoke English at home during the ’50s. At present, more than 50% in Los Angeles don’t speak English at home.

During Eisenhower’s years, 87% of Americans were of European descent. The number is down to 63% at present and falling rapidly.

What is there to say or do? Not much, because political correctness has taken care of protest. Angela Merkel and the gangsters in Brussels have committed one of the great crimes of any century by allowing the browning of Europe, yet voices that protest this great crime are called racists.

White Americans vote 60% Republican. Black and Latino Americans vote 90% Democrat. The electoral vote is shrinking for whites, and once the country looks like California, where whites are in the minority, it will be impossible to elect a Republican.

The great silent majority, as Richard Nixon called it, is no more. The country was invaded and taken over by a foreign army that used stealth and the welfare system as ramrods to break down the walls. Europe is undergoing a similar fate, the difference being I always thought Americans knew better.

When I was at Virginia I proudly flew the Confederate flag in my fraternity bedroom. Crossed with the Greek one. Today I’d be picked out by some horror-haired TV reporter as a bigot and most likely be accused of rape by some female journalist eager to make the cover of a magazine. Which brings me to the stealth campaign to empty the prisons of black criminals: There is a delegitimization of law enforcement by political activists and media types that is selling the myth of a bias by the courts against blacks. It began with the anti-police movement by black activists after the killing of a black man in Ferguson who had charged a white police officer and who had minutes previously stuck up a nearby store.

A phony like Newt Gingrich has joined the campaign that sells the myth of casual drug offenders filling up prison cells. They make up less than one percent, and the rates are falling.


Black activists have decided that strong law enforcement should be done away with, and a hate campaign against cops is taking place as I write. Needless to say, the demonization of police and the criminal justice system will end up very, very badly. In New York City, year in year out, about 90% of homicide victims are non-white males, as are 90% of their killers, yet criminally irresponsible black and Latino leaders are complaining about police officers doing their duty.

Writers and journalists keep recalling the turbulent New York of the 1970s, when budget cuts and crime and unemployment had brutalized the city. I lived through those days, and the place was more fun than now. The cops were mostly white, wore their hair long, and had droopy mustaches. Blacks did the muggings and the arson attacks were daily. The place was gritty and magnificent. It was like living in a war zone. One had allies, the cops and others like oneself, law-abiding souls. No one, but no one took the side of the bad guys. Al Sharpton was in the future, as were all the “ community activists” who have sprung forth. Media types did not dare take the side of the bad guys. They now climb the ladder of success by doing just that. Bring back the ’70s anytime. Down with Disneyland New York.

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