Thursday, November 26, 2015

Friggin'... Awesome... Thanksgiving!

Folks... we spent the day at home... and it was AWESOME!

We both went to the gym this morning - BodyPump for me, independent workout for the Poops.

Then... home.

I had the best of intentions to make it to Church... but... failed.


I'm sure the Big Guy will cut me some slack...


Made my Thanksgiving day phone calls... have been posting and replying off and on all day on Facebook...


What can I tell ya? I like the spread the holiday cheer!

And speaking of cheer...

My "Apple Bill" recipe is as follows:

Into a shaker... one ice cube
Two shots of Crown Royal Regal Apple Whiskey
Two shots of sparkling 100% cranberry juice
Two shots of fresh pressed apple juice
Another shot of whiskey for... luck
Shake... and strain into rocks glasses (makes two drinks)

As to food...

We had chicken. Chicken breasts to be precise. Three lemon-pepper marinated breasts and three BBQ sauced breasts.



Buttered... baked... came out BEAUTIFULLY; moist and flavorful!

As for stuffing...

OK... traditionalists avert your eyes... stop reading...

Everyone else... learn from the Master:

One box (yes! box!) of cornbread Stove Top stuffing and one box sage and herb Stove top stuffing; prepare together and then place in a covered container in the fridge to cool. Once cool, mash in one pound of sausage meat. Also mix in TONS of cheese - mozzarella, Asiago, extra sharp cheddar... and I also threw in some Gouda and some sun-dried tomato cheddar. Bake for 35 minutes at 375-degrees... and bake the chicken at the same time.


Some LeSueur Peas (with mushrooms and pearl onions)... AND OF COURSE... fresh made mashed potatoes with PLENTY of butter and, yes... some sour cream.


Some port after dinner...

Berry pie with whipped cream for dessert...


Nope. Haven't GOT to dessert yet... but I know what I'm having!

Watched "Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow" earlier...

Then watched "The Hobbit"... (I'd never seen it! It was ok...)

Watching the Dallas game now...


PLENTY of leftovers... (Gonna slice up the remaining chicken breasts for sandwiches!)

LIFE... IS... GOOD...!!!

I hope all of you folks has just as wonderful a Thanksgiving!

And... a special shout-out to my friend Walker Vos whose aunt is in intensive care following a heart attack a few days ago. Walker... still praying!

To EVERYONE who is having a tough time... I wish you weren't; stay strong.

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