Thursday, November 12, 2015

This Is Why I Like My Kid

Notice I wrote "Like."

It goes without saying that we're all supposed to love our offspring... but, "like?"

Let's be honest; not every parent "likes" his or her child. And as all parents know... this usually cuts both ways at times... sometimes for years at a time.


Hey... just keepin' it real!

Anyway... here's an excerpt from an email I received from my daughter the other day:

"Yesterday we had NYU lecture again. It was on Plato and Utopia. It was good and they give us free dinner with yummy tea. It is such a nice event."

She's talking about NYU-Abu Dhabi. And the "we" is her and her husband.

Both of the "kids" are intellectually curious. I LIKE THAT! Indeed... I LOVE THAT!

It's good to be proud of one's child... of one's children. (And it's GOOD to have a son-in-law one RESPECTS as well as loves "as a son.")

Anyway... just... er... "Sentimental Bill" throwing one out to the masses.

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