Friday, November 6, 2015

Shouldn't ALL Reasonable People Agree That... should know and understand exactly what's in a legally binding agreement one is asked to sign?

Folks... here's all you need to know about Obama's TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement)

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The Obama Administration released the full-text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal on Thursday.

Tipping the scales at 5,544 pages — and an astonishing 2,056,560 words — the trade agreement is one of the longest documents The Daily Caller has ever encountered, and for the sake of comparison, we compiled a list of things shorter than the baffling proposal:

The Bible: Authorized King James Version: 1,746 pages … TPP = 3.18x longer.

The Affordable Care Act (official Government Printing Office version): 961 pages … TPP = 5.77x longer.

The Entire “Harry Potter” Series: 3,407 pages … TPP = 1.63x longer.

The Entire “Lord of the Rings Trilogy” AND “The Hobbit”: 1,488 pages … TPP = 3.73x longer.

A Game of Thrones, 5-Book Boxed Set (HBO Tie-In-Edition): 5,216 pages … TPP = 1.06x longer.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Wordsworth Royals Series): 1,280 pages … TPP = 4.33x longer.

New Oxford American Dictionary 3rd Edition: 2,096 pages … TPP = 2.65x longer.

Folks... every word will have the force of law. This is insanity.

As an addendum to a newsbite on Doctor Carson's reported support of the Treaty... this brings me towards reevaluation of my formerly expressed view that "perhaps Carson is right and I'm wrong."

My friends... as a basic matter of principle... signing on to something one doesn't understand inside and out... that one can't - literally can't - understand inside and out... is a bad move.

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