Monday, November 2, 2015

Political Bias is a Two-Way Street

So... here's the headline I find offensive:

$20 trillion man: National debt nearly doubles during Obama presidency

Wow... so we're not even going to acknowledge that Republicans in Congress - you know... the branch which controls the purse strings - bear any responsibility for "Obama's" spending... and deficits... and debt accumulation?

Frankly... unbelievable.

No one disdains Obama and the Democrats more than I do, but if memory serves... "Republicans" have had control of the House since January of 2011 and control of the Senate since January of this year.

And folks... no matter how these scumbags lie to you... the truth is that control of the House gave Republicans control of the purse. They've been playing us for fools since January of 2011.


When President Obama signs into law the new two-year budget deal Monday, his action will bring into sharper focus a part of his legacy that he doesn’t like to talk about: He is the $20 trillion man.

Yep. That's the opening paragraph. Notice how the author starts with the signing of the law and not the passage of the law - the passage via a "Republican" House and "Republican" Senate.

How stupid do they think we are that we'll fall for this? Well... unfortunately... the answer is "pretty stupid." And they're right. Few are thinking along the lines I am on this. Your average Republican partisan reads this and says to himself, "yeah... damn Democrats..." while the average Democrat thinks, "ha! we're kicking ass!"

Few give a damn about the debt... the deficits... inflation...


Oh... why bother? You regular readers know my spiel by heart. Some of you even buy it! The rest... well...


Mr. Obama’s spending agreement with Congress will suspend the nation’s debt limit and allow the Treasury to borrow another $1.5 trillion or so by the end of his presidency in 2017. Added to the current total national debt of more than $18.15 trillion, the red ink will likely be crowding the $20 trillion mark right around the time Mr. Obama leaves the White House.

Don't they mean... "The Republican Legislature's corrupt bargain with Obama...?" (Yes. Yes they do. At least they should.)

Listen... folks... I'm not gonna bother to go over the rest of the article. I've made my point via just the title and the two opening paragraphs.


What's the point in belaboring the reality?

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