Sunday, November 1, 2015

I'm on a Roll Today, Folks!

Yep... a bit of time away from Facebook...


Apparently a good thing!

Facebook is wonderful. I reach far more people there. I've made "friends" there - as well as FRIENDS there.


Luv ya, Michelle Zornes!

David... Steve... Kath... ALL of you who tend to "like" my posts and pass 'em on...

You're all THE BEST!


I'll probably "check-in" on Facebook tomorrow. Check messages... check replies to posts and comments... "housekeeping" type stuff.

Again... I want to reiterate (to anyone who cares... who "misses" me) that I'm NOT "walking away in a huff."

Nope. I'll be "returning" to Facebook bit by bit...


BUT... Facebook was "distracting" me from my first "love" - this blog.

I've spent Sunday morning "newsbiting" and "stand-alone posting."

Folks... to reiterate... "Newsbites" are my "snippet" posts. Each day/weekend I try to provide a "catch-all" post repository for all the day's news stories, op-eds, research papers, and such that I come across during my personal "news browsing."

They say that "Knowledge is power." Well... I want ALL of you - even the "libs" among you - to have "power" in the form of knowledge!

As a practical matter... I urge those interested in my "shares" and my commentary to start each morning with the previous day's "stand-alones" and "Newsbites." This way you won't miss any of 'em!

Also... for my Facebook friends who take me up on my "offer" of... er... "power"... feel free to cut and paste whichever "Newsbites" and "stand-alones" you find worthy and post them on your own Facebook feeds.


Well... that's it! Have a great day! (And remember... tomorrow... check out this weekend's stand-alones and newsbites! That way you'll get 'em all!)


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