Friday, February 26, 2016

Stand Alone Post on Rubio's False Premise re: ObamaCare

So... I'm watching the debate... they're now talking about ObamaCare and the individual mandate. This Piece of $hit Rubio first blasts Trump for backing (or allegedly backing - I haven't heard Trump's response yet) the "individual mandate."


As I note above... Trump's response will be coming up...

But THEN Rubio goes on to take the exact WRONG position with regard to the whole underlying dysfunction of our American health insurance system, namely:

Rubio goes on to LAUD employers "giving" their employees health insurance and ALSO LAUDS the concept of if not actually "offering health insurance" per se, tax-free money from your employer TOWARDS one's health insurance.


Folks... do you need shelter? How'bout food? Clothing? How'bout college for the kids? Your car... do you need your car to get to work?

Folks... I need you to PONDER...


Shouldn't income be income?

If Joe earns $50,000 in salary and $20,000 in "benefits" while Joan earns a straight $70,000 salary... should Joan get nailed? Should Joe get a tax "break?" (Which... by the way... higher taxes elsewhere - on ALL of us - "make up" for!)

Are your other bills tied to your employment or lack thereof in the sense of tax policy?

Raise your hand if you think it would be just great for your employer to pay for your healthcare... and mortgage... and car loans... and grocery bills... via "direct billing" leaving you with an "income" in actual dollars (the amount on your salary check) of say... $60 a week?


Folks... income is income; at least it should be. Whether or not "healthcare expenditures" should be tax free at the PURCHASING end... (like most food is in most if not all states)... is a DIFFERENT QUESTION... a DIFFERENT ISSUE.

Folks... it's the tax-free status of "benefits" that in large part pits those with great benefits against those with... not so great benefits... or no benefits.

Folks... it's the tax-free status of "benefits" that misallocates (and frankly limits) what would otherwise be not just take-home pay, but also individual freedom and individual responsibility regarding how each of us ENJOYS THE FRUITS OF OUR LABORS!

The fact that Rubio can't see this...


Folks... those of you who consider yourselves "conservatives"... I hope you all "get" what I'm saying.

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