Friday, February 26, 2016

Last Night's GOP Debate (Post #1)

Comment 1 -- TWELVE MINUTES IN...

It took TWELVE MINUTES until the first candidate (Carson) was asked to introduce himself.

Nit-picking? Nope. It goes to the general decline in competence and common sense here in America. Why are these bozos at CNN wasting 12 minutes of our time - and why do the candidates allow it?


LOVED Carson's opener! And think about it... think about your departed parents and grandparents and other loved ones you may have lost decades ago. Were we able to bring them back... would they even recognize what this country has become?

Kasich's introductory statement... sickened me. Same ol' canned crap that he could have and would have given ten years ago... twenty years ago... thirty years ago. No recognition whatsoever that we're just not the same America that he (and I - and many of you) grew up in.



Folks... I know he "looks good"... but this isn't the Academy Awards. I want you to consider this: In his intro Rubio chose to credit Ronald Reagan... AND George H.W. Bush... for the Reagan era. Ponder what that says about his mindset.

Yes... Reagan chose Bush as his VP to unite the Party... but... prior to that George H.W. Bush had spent his political career trying his best to prevent Ronald Reagan from ever becoming President in the first place! And then... upon winning election in his own right largely based upon his pledge to continue the Reagan legacy... the moment he took office George H.W. Bush started dismantling Reaganism in favor of RINOism. How'd that work out for the Party and the country? Bush's back-stabbing and general incompetence led to eight years of BILL CLINTON!

Folks... I'm begging you... pay attention and ANALYZE what these people actually SAY... not just how they say it... or how they LOOK while saying it.


Cruz...? Gotta say... he started off in "Kasich mode." But the truth is... yeah... he's telling it like it is - he ran as a conservative and he's acted as a conservative. There's simply no denying that. This is why the Establishment HATES him.




Again... how can one deny that Trump brings out the patriot in us all... or at least in all of us patriots?


Again, though... the question is... can we trust him not to be a "Big Government" President... a President who isn't interested so much in returning America to the Constitution, but is more "pragmatic" and instead tries to "reform" the Leviathan while keeping it... the Leviathan?


Anyway... on to the questioning!

I'll be sharing my thoughts, reactions, comments, and analysis in a serious of follow-up posts...

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