Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rubio... Rubio... Rubio...

I hate liars.


I hate Marco Rubio.


I won't vote for Marco Rubio if he's the Republican nominee. 

Would I vote for Kasich even though he's far more "liberal" than Rubio? Yes. Again whomever the Democrats nominate... yes... I'd hold my  nose and vote for Kasich. (Not that Kasich has a shot in hell; he doesn't.)

Why would I vote for Kasich and not Rubio? Character.


Kasich has it; Rubio doesn't.

Here's the deal, though, folks: Bush is out. 

What's this mean? It means that now Rubio is the Establishment's candidate.

Trump won South Carolina last night. While the fight for second place was neck and neck... Marco Rubio beat Ted Cruz by approximately a thousand votes.


Why? How? Well... Fox News is one answer. I'm guessing woman voters are another.


Folks... Rubio's "boyish" looks... his faux earnestness... don't discount "presentation and personality." My guess is that for many female voters, Cruz comes across as that older brother (or dad... or uncle) who was always being "judgmental" and perhaps "bossy," while "young Marco" comes across as the goofy brother (or cousin... or friend's brother) who makes you smile.

And then there's the (Republican) Establishment media. As mentioned, there's Fox News - and that's HUGE. But it's not just Fox News...


Folks... you're all welcome to browse my blog archives... my FB posts... my other commentary... and you'll see why I believe Rubio is a scumbag and Cruz is the closest thing to a potential "Savior" of the Republic and the Constitutional Rule of Law here in America that we're gonna get.


But this post isn't about belaboring points already made ad nauseam.


I'm simply "warning" you... now that Jeb is out... Rubio is "their" guy. 

Frankly, I don't believe Rubio would win, but if he did, I have no doubt that within three months of winning the presidency he and Paul Ryan and the Democrats would - working together - pass an amnesty bill.


As to Donald J. Trump...


As I've said all along... should he win the GOP nomination... I'll enthusiastically support him. I'll of course be taking a leap of faith... but it is what it is. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?


I hope it doesn't come to that, though. I hope that people come to their senses and realize that of the candidates we've actually got to choose from (who actually have a shot of winning the nomination - which counts Dr. Carson out), Ted Cruz is the closest thing that we've got to a Reagan.


If you didn't love Reagan... if you didn't love Antonin Scalia... if you don't love the Constitution as written... then, fine, Cruz isn't your guy!

If you don't subscribe to my "leap of faith" view of Trump but instead believe that he's the only one who through sheer force of will and willingness to fight will have a shot at "fixing" America... then so be it. You believe what you believe. All I can do is compare and contrast Trump and Cruz.


However... just as there's simply no excuse to vote for the likes of a dishonest and frankly venial Hillary Rodham Clinton... there's also no excuse to vote for a man like Marco Rubio... a man who has a record of campaigning as a Tea Party Conservative and once elected... acting as what he truly is - an unprincipled backstabber and liar.

Ask yourself... would the Establishment be pushing him if he weren't?


Folks... don't be depressed by the South Carolina vote. Be mad! Be mad that Rubio and his supporters apparently fooled enough good people in South Carolina to edge out the true constitutionist candidate - Ted Cruz.

Folks... understand... while you may be "conservative"... the Republican Party Establishment isn't. They're basically the corporatist flip-side of the Democratic Party. They champion crony capitalism, not free-market capitalism; they stand for a neocon foreign policy benefiting the Oligarchy, not an "America First" foreign policy (and trade policy) benefiting our nation and our People as a whole.

I guess all I'm saying with this post is... BE AWARE of who is who and what that ultimately means.


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