Friday, February 26, 2016

Last Night's GOP Debate (Post #3)

Re: "The Wall" and Mexico paying for it...

All I can say is this: GO, TRUMP, GO! GO, TRUMP, GO! GO, TRUMP, GO!

Screw the Mexican President and former Mexican Presidents! These scumbags won't talk so tough if Trump is actually elected - that I can guarantee!


And ya gotta luv how that idiot Blitzer acted as if what the MEXICANS say means a damn bit of warm spit!


OOH...!!! And speaking of that damned fool Blitzer... Trump just NUKED him on this whole phony "trade war" business. I'm with Trump! The objective of U.S. trade policy should be to develop trade SURPLUSES... not keep on with these endless and ever-growing trade DEFICITS!

GEEZUS... can we have a bit of COMMON FRIGGIN' SENSE here!?


Oh... and by the way... Trump nuked that little pissant Rubio too! This "bankruptcy" thing... total nonsense. It's how business works. I don't like it... I'd like to see it reformed... but it is what it is and that's an UNFAIR and quite frankly LAME attack against Trump.


Oh... and Blitzer is "bringing in Telemundo" now? Why do we even HAVE Telemundo? Isn't this SEGREGATION...??? Shouldn't our Hispanic citizens be ENGLISH SPEAKING...??? Why are we separating out "Hispanics" from whites and blacks?


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