Friday, February 26, 2016

Last Night's GOP Debate (Post #4)

Ya know... on second thought... previous commentary (still standing, by the way!) regarding how we should all be one united People speaking English... the chick from Telemundo just nailed Rubio... and the BOTH Trump and Cruz nuked Rubio on his dissembling and half-truths regarding his VARIOUS positions (year to year, month to month, week to week, day to day, hour by hour... minute by minute) on "immigration" issues.

Folks... some of you believe Cruz sometimes lies... others of you believe Trump sometimes lies... some of you believe they BOTH sometimes lie... but... folks... RUBIO is the biggest liar and fake, phony, fraud of them all. He actually rivals the Clintons when it comes to lying with a straight face. He's a very GOOD liar. But... a liar just the same.


My view: CRUZ can be trusted.

My view: Trump... is worth a leap of faith.

My view: Kasich is... Kasich. (But he's basically honest about who he is and what he believes.)

My view: Carson is a GOOD man!

My view: RUBIO is a PIECE OF $HIT.


OK... but...


Here's the thing: Rubio is an actor. He has the ability to lie convincing. And PART of lying convincingly is inserting bits of truth into the lies so that people focus not on the lies, but on the truth.


Yep... Rubio was right to attack the Democrats... to attack Hillary... Obama... Bernie...

But, folks... it's sleight of hand! He's using these truth-based attacks to distract you from his lies on everything from immigration to ethanol.


Just as an example: Rubio says "On day one I'll revoke Obama's unconstitutional executive "DACA" order." THEN... in the very next breath... he says "They won't be able to renew their status." SO... logically... he's saying they get to KEEP their status till it... (*SMIRK*)... "runs out." That's like telling the thief that he can keep everything he's stolen but that in the future he won't be allowed to steal more!


Same with his position on Ethanol. (And, folks... he pandered in Iowa. So did Trump. Cruz was the only one of 'em who straight out came out AGAINST these insane Ethanol subsidies and mandates.)

Anyway... continuing... Trump just said "I don't believe a thing Telemundo says."


And... notice... the Telemundo girl SMILED. Ya know why? Because Hispanics tend to respect HONESTY! And they respect being FORTHRIGHT! When you think "Hispanic" you don't think "politically correct," do you? And same with black Americans. When you think "Black American" you don't think "politically correct," do you? Again... I've said it before and I'll repeat myself: Trump would DESTROY a Democratic opponent simply based upon pulling in enough "brown" and "black" support to cripple the Democratic coalition.


Folks... I'm at minute 52 now... and Trump is kicking ass.

I'm just being honest...

And I'm STILL a Cruz guy...

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