Friday, February 19, 2016

Sanity Shout-Out to the Insane Paul-bots

God help me...


It's a constant battle to keep myself from punching holes into the nearest sheetrock...


Here... let me start off with sharing a FB comment I just posted on a Paul-bot's thread:

Rand Paul is no longer running for President.

Ron Paul is not running for President.

Out of the GOP field there's Ted Cruz at the furthest point of the constitutionist/libertarian-leaning "right."

America is - like it or not - a two-party state. Either the GOP nominee or the Democratic nominee is going to be the next President. Surely neither of you want either HRC or Bernie Sanders (or Al Gore... or any other Democratic "dark horse" candidate) to be our next President.

My guess is that as much as you both see Ted Cruz as "no Rand Paul," you're both SANE enough to understand that certainly crony-capitalist neocon Marco Rubio is LESS of a "Rand Paul Republican" than Cruz.

I'm guessing that both of you understand that Jeb Bush is... Jeb Bush... and John Kasich is John Kasich... and so on and so forth.

So. Pick your poison. Cruz or Trump.

Do you view Trump as the "liberty" candidate?

Yes... again... I "get" that you don't see Cruz as a "Rand Paul" clone (even though their Senate voting records are almost identical). Again... I can see drawing a line in the sand... I myself wouldn't vote for Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush. But unless your position is that it's better to have Donald Trump... or Hillary Clinton... or Bernie Sanders... as the next President... you two had better bite the bullet and resign yourselves to going for the MOST "Paul-like" alternative to Rand Paul.

Now of course, since I'm dealing with NUTS more often than not... here's the response I got back from a couple of different Paul-bots:

"I don't think Rand is the equivalent of Christ. There are others I would probably vote for like Justin Amash and Thomas Massie."


"I'd love to vote for Amash or Massie. Just because I am too intelligent to vote for a Cruz Rubio or Trump doesn't make me a cultist. It makes me principled."

My response to the former is...


Bud... neither Amash nor Massie are running.


My response to the latter comment...

OK. Apparently YOU at least realize that neither Amash nor Massie are running... and as nutty as your position is, at least I can understand your drawing the line in the sand at "Nobody who is actually RUNNING."



Now, folks... some folks love BOTH Rand Paul AND Donald Trump. This makes no intellectual sense... BUT... it does at least make EMOTIONAL sense.


But the folks who love Rand Paul... yet hate BOTH Cruz and Trump...


We really are talking a bunch of friggin' nutjobs.

Yeah... I get that libertarians support drug legalization... but... I fear many seem to be going a bit overboard with the "reefer madness."


Folks... Paul-bots... CRACK IS WACK! Put down the pipe! Switch from acid dots to candy dots! (Remember those?!)

Seriously, folks... it's time for SANITY.

If you believe Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the Obama machine all represent a existential threat to the American Republic... and if you LOVE Rand Paul... and if you HATE the RINOs... then your choices are (sane and intellectually consistent):

A) Ted Cruz

B) Donald Trump

Me? I'm for Cruz. But I'll vote for Trump if he's the nominee.

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