Friday, February 26, 2016

Last Night's GOP Debate (Post #5)

To those who have already watched the debate - did you notice the half-hearted applause Cruz got after his frankly PERFECT response concerning Supreme Court nominations and federal court nominations in general?

Folks... understand... the RINOs do NOT agree with us that only constitutionists should be placed on the bench. The just don't.

To me... the fact that we can COUNT on Cruz putting ONLY constitutionists on the bench... and on the Supreme Court... is HUGE.


OK, folks... now PLEASE... read and RE-read if necessary; the following is VERY IMPORTANT...

Trump's response... and his slam against Cruz... HERE'S the real deal:

Trump is RIGHT that Roberts is a piece of $hit. He's also RIGHT that Cruz supported Roberts.

BUT... and HERE'S where you have to follow the LOGIC of REALITY:

It's not like Roberts was CRUZ'S nominee. Roberts was BUSH'S nominee. Cruz supported Roberts AFTER Bush made his choice and placed Roberts' name in nomination. Cruz didn't advise Bush "Hey! You've gotta pick Roberts!" Indeed, I doubt that back then "Dubya" even knew who the heck Cruz was!

Folks... the charge is POLITICS. As a tactic... it's effective. No doubt Trump "scored." But... the charge is disingenuous. It's just not fair. Once Bush nominated Roberts... especially given Roberts' pre-appointment record... we ALL supported him! I supported him!


Folks... with these upcoming Supreme Court appointments... I have NO DOUBT that Ted Cruz can be trusted to appoint ONLY true constitutionists who can be trusted to remain true constitutionists. Trump? I'm not sure. Rubio? I tend to doubt it?


And there you are...


OK... Cruz just responded... and not only did he say just what I explained... but he actually NAMED the guy he WOULD have appointed! Again... there's simply NO DOUBT that when it comes to Supreme Court (and lesser federal court) nominations... CRUZ is the guy you can trust 100%. Period. End of story.

As for Rubio...


This two-faced phony apparently isn't even aware that it's Justice Thomas who is known as the most faithful to the Constitution. Yes... Scalia was great as well... BUT... anyone familiar with the nuances of "judging" a Judges record KNOWS that Scalia gave FAR more weight to Precedent - including BAD PRECEDENT - than Thomas does.

So... Rubio? Again... the guy isn't honest... and he's not all that knowledgeable. (And you may have noticed... unlike Cruz... Rubio didn't actually mention the name of a person he'd actual appoint if given the chance.)

Hmm... still watching Rubio and Trump go back and forth... and wondering how the heck and what the heck Israel and Planned Parenthood have to do with Supreme Court picks... HOWEVER... Trump NOW says he's in FAVOR of defunding Planned Parenthood - so THIS is a NEWS HEADLINE! (Or at least it SHOULD be!)

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