Friday, February 26, 2016

Last Night's GOP Debate (Post #2)

Did Trump just accuse CRUZ of being the force behind... AMNESTY...?!?!

(Rhetorical question; yes... he did.)

Unfriggin'believable. Just sheer stupidity. Just a blatant lie. And Trump supporters... those of you who follow my commentary in general, you know I'm not an "anti-Trump" guy! But when he just out and out LIES like this...


Cruz's response? Honest and frank. Point blank: Cruz is AGAINST allowing illegal aliens to EVER become U.S. citizens. Both Trump and Rubio (and Kasich...) (not sure about Carson) would REWARD illegal aliens with citizenship (and thus voting rights... not to mention all the other "rights" such as WELFARE) down the road.

Folks... Cruz AND Trump are BOTH "the good guys" when it comes to dealing with illegal aliens... but Trump wants "the good ones" rewarded with citizenship... Cruz doesn't. It really IS that clear.

As to Rubio...


Geezus... he's just not "man" enough to go toe to toe with "The Donald."


Their exchange on Romney... I have to say... Trump got it exactly right. Romney squandered what SHOULD have been an easy win over Obama and instead LOST.


Trump continued to BLOW RUBIO AWAY with regard to who he hired and why he hired them vs. Rubio having... "HIRED NO ONE."

Folks... Rubio just SUCKS in pretty much every way...

Cruz on the other hand effectively "outed" Trump and honestly spoke of his own record... while also honestly highlighting Rubio's poor record.


I really do hope that people can rise above their "fandom" and react to what actually occurred last night instead of simply rooting for their guy. (I doubt many can... but I still hold out hope.)

And again... the LIES... the distortions... Trump going on about this loan thing...


I've explained what happened dozens of times on my blog and on various FB threads. And you know what? Trump knows what I know. And yet unlike me... Trump chooses to keep on pushing the distorted meme. Again... I just HATE liars and deceivers. And... you folks should too.

Kasich? No one cares what Kasich says.


One comment though: Notice that Kasich does what Rubio did - he tries to equate "Read My Lips" Pappy Bush with Reagan. Folks... ya GOTTA understand that the mindset of these folks is RINO to the core. They'll throw out the name "Reagan" in order to appeal to you... but really... they're the kind of people who would have (and did!) backed Pappy Bush OVER Reagan in 1980.

(Notice: Even KASICH says "no" to citizenship for illegals! Trump doesn't. That's just a fact.)

Wow... Carson is ok with allowing illegals to stay AND with putting them on a path to citizens AND with more foreign aid...


Very disappointing.

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