Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Barker Doctrine on Homeland Security

Folks... America needs more armed citizens - good guys.. good gals - rather than fewer.

Every law enforcement officer/agent/state trooper should be armed at (almost) all times. The more trained and armed "good guys" we have "out there" at any time of the day or evening... the better.

Folks... this is just COMMON SENSE!

And speaking of "trained"...

So too should members of our active military... and our national guards and federal reserves... be "strapped" at all times.

Same with veterans!

Folks... even if we wanted to create some sort of police state... fortress America... where every school had armed government personnel "protecting" it... same with every mall... every park... every concert hall...


You get the idea - right, folks? 


There aren't enough men... (or women)... there isn't enough money... and all we'd end up doing is highlighting the relative vulnerability of any spot where no "armed guards" are present.

Again... this SHOULD be common sense.

Can a cop with a gun "go rogue?" A vet? An army major at Fort Hood?


Yeah. Sure.

But, folks... unless you favor disarming our police... I feel that the only logical course of action is to double-down upon the logic of having armed police (vs. unarmed police).

Anyway... this is my "homeland security" plan.

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