Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where Was I...??? Oh, Yeah... Blasting Republicans!

So... forget the Gingrich scenario... let's stick with the sad reality that the RINOs control the GOP and that they gave the American People Mitt Romney as Republican standard bearer.

What could Mitt have done? What should Mitt have done?

First... he should have attacked not just Obama, but Congress - Congress as an Institution!

Everyone hates Congress! 

Mitt could have pointed out that Bush's main mistake domestically was not reining in the excesses of the RINOs when they controlled the House and Senate!

Everyone knows that the "business" of Congress is to spend money... money we don't have!

Everyone knows that the average member of Congress - both House Member and Senator - cares more about his or her career than about what's good for the country.

Americans know the system is broken, so rather than tie his star to Republicans in Congress, Romney should have blasted Congress... blasted both Democrats and Republicans! He should have named names and decried specific instances of bipartisan irresponsibility and promised to bring honorable, honest, responsible, non-partisan adult supervision to the House and Senate!

Yes... of course... he should have taken more shots at the Democrats - especially Senate Democrats - than against fellow Republicans, but to ignore the institutional dysfunction...? A huge mistake!

And speaking of Democrats in the House and Senate, why didn't Romney... why didn't the national Republican political machine... take aim at the likes of Charlie Rangel and Jon Corzine and tar them as the dishonest, dishonorable individuals they are?!

Why not at least seriously attempt to make Harry Reid the poster child of the Democratic Party? Why not throw out the actual crimes and alleged crimes committed by nationally known Democrats until it became embedded in the consciousness of the electorate?

Turning to economics, what is it with these stupid friggin' Republicans that they believe the same old tax cut promises are going to resonate absent proper context - particularly when at the same time they're half-heartedly promising to cut spending and thus deficits and ultimately debt?

Why not point out all the insanities of the federal tax code and federal tax policy and hammer them - then vow to reform them - giving specific details?!

If there was ever a time when Americans were ready to hear the truth and at least consider distasteful solutions it was the period right after Tea Party Americans won back the House for Republicans in 2010! Unfortunately... as previously mentioned... Establishment Republicans squandered this chance.

Romney should have stood for fairness - for Main Street, not Wall Street! He should have made repealing the Hedge Fund Loophole (Carried Interest) a central talking point regarding his worldview regarding taxes!

Romney should have bashed China far more than he did... and he should have stood firmly for American workers vs. the theoretical benefits of "free trade" at this stage of the game! (Jeezus... even the dumbest person in the United States Senate - Kirsten Gillibrand - knew to campaign on a "pro-American worker, let's rebuild America's industrial base" platform!)

Romney's position on immigration? Com'on... he deliberately chose to put himself in the worst possible position by lying to the American People all during the Republican Primaries about who he was and where he stood on immigration "reform." Yes... as a tactic his lies helped him win the GOP nod... but in doing so he burned bridges with many potential cross-over voters while leaving the anti-open-borders Republican voters with a sour taste in their mouths knowing full well that what Romney had said during the internal GOP fight would become "inoperative" the moment he became president... if he had become president.

Benghazi. Mitt tanked it. He deliberately took what could have been the decisive last-minute issue out of play.

I could go on and on... but frankly I'm exhausted. I'm pissed. I'm frustrated. I'm disheartened. I'm... disgusted.

The "Nor'easter" is here. It's cold... damp... actually flurrying! Rather than remote blogging from the library I should probably be home drinking myself into a stupor.

We'll see... but one thing for sure... for now... I'm outta here...

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