Monday, November 26, 2012

I Hate Technology

I hate this fucking new computer...

No... not the computer... that's not fair...


No... I hate the software and more than that I hate that I'm so fucking clueless when it comes to this shit!

It's actually a great new/old friggin' computer; a top of the line PC which I'm quite thankful to have. It's just that I'm incompetent and easily frustrated...

My ISP just set me up... synched my Frontier Internet to my Outlook 2007.

I've "lost" my preview pane!

Nope... can't find it... according to the view menu it's on... only it's NOT on!

It was to the side - which I hate - and while trying to move it to the bottom... I've lost it! (So now I can only preview emails one at a time manually in separate screens which doesn't work for me!)

Oh... what else? I've "lost" my address book. It's somewhere on my original hard-drive (which is inside the computer as a back-up hard-drive to my "new" hard-drive) but how to access more than the 174 emails I now am left with... I have no friggin' idea.

Anyway... I'm sure one of my tech buddies will be able to talk me through all this nonsense, but in the meantime... I'm frustrated.

Thanks again to "He whose name dare not be mentioned" for giving me this fine new/old machine which I'm presently bitchin' and moanin' about. I know it's not the machine... it's me.

I... just... hate... feeling... stupid...!!!

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William R. Barker said...

So let's see... FOUND my Outlook email preview window...


But now I can't send emails - nor can I delete the ones in my outbox!

Receiving email fine.

Frontier seems unsure of whether the problem is their servers or my Outlook... either way they can't help me.