Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Open Letter to Lame Duck Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

So... Nan... how'd selling your soul and your alleged principles to John Boehner work out for you?

Not well, right? After all... you lost your re-election bid.

Thrown out of office after a single undistinguished term.

Hey... cheer up... you were rich before you became a politician and you're still rich - perhaps even richer!

Hey... you're rich... your husband is rich... your kids no doubt have trusts set up for them that will ensure their futures even if it turns out they don't set the work on fire through their own individual interests.


Ya know, Nan, I voted for you. Yep. I held my nose and voted for you. As bad as you were, November 6, 2012 was make or break for America and so for the first time in my life I swallowed my own principles and voted for the lesser of two evils in order to do my part by trying to deny control of the House to the Pelosi Democrats and retention of the White House to a second-term President Obama.

Well, Nan... turns out my vote couldn't save you. My wife's vote couldn't save you. Nope. Enough other principled conservatives were willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces via their refusal to reward you for your breach of trust as Boehner's lap dog.

Oh... but the irony... Boehner won re-election! The House remains in RINO hands! Woo-hoo! 


I voted for that fake, phony, fraud Romney too. So did Mary. Again... it seems not enough conservatives were willing to throw their principles aside and join us. 

Are you proud of yourself, Nan?

You ran a campaign devoid of ideals. You served as a "moderate" and ran as a "moderate." Hmm... so much for "going along to get along," huh, Nan?

What does a person like you tell herself? Was any of "Candidate Hayworth 2010" real? Does your defeat and the reasons for it resonate with you even now or do you tell yourself that it's the "right wingers" in the Republican Party who are the problem?

If you'd been re-elected you would have voted for Boehner again as Speaker, right? Knowing full well he intends to capitulate even further to Obama and the Left than he did over the past two years... you would have kept on supporting him... right?

Of course the answer is "right!"

Michele Bachmann won re-election. Even with both the Democrats and her own Establishment Party leadership seeking her defeat she stood by her principles and won re-election.

You hate Bachmann... you're not overly fond of Palin... but it's not Bachmann and Palin who have created the reality of eight years of Obamaism... it's people like you... and John McCain... and Mitt Romney... and John Boehner... and Mitch McConnell.

You... people... are... scum...!

Why don't people like you join the Democratic Party and fight for power there?! At least if successful you'd drag the Democratic Party to the Right instead of dragging the Republican Party to the Left!

I tried, Nan. I told you so... I warned you again and again...

Jeezus... I knew you weren't the brightest bulb back during the 2010, but you didn't come across as stupid. 

As to principles and integrity, Nan... back in 2010 I took Reagan's "Trust But Verify" caution to heart. I tried to trust you. I knew your propensity to seek "Washington insider" support and certainly I knew you were no Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin, but still, I figured that you were about as conservative as one could hope for in a district such as ours in a state such as ours.

Then came 2011. Then came the "verify" part. Buzz... you failed! Again and again! Once elected you became not just "not" a Tea Party freshman, but an anti-Tea Party freshman!

Oh, sure, you joined the Republican Study Committee. Public relations, nothing more. You were Boehner's gal from the start and once you hitched your star to his... well... that was the end of any hope I once had that you were the real deal.

You know, Nan, besides the damage your two years in office did to the country in terms of blunting the enthusiasm of so many Americans who voted for you and other GOP candidates in 2010, you personally are also responsible for the end of a friendship that had lasted for 20 years or so.

John Hicks and I haven't spoken in many months and we may never speak again. Why? Because you betrayed him personally... he couldn't get over it... I insisted his greater principles required he vote for you this year... he refused to accede to my logic... and then when your money pulled him in by hiring "his" consulting firm even though I knew he still hated you and still insisted he wouldn't vote for you... well... this so offended my sense of honor that I said some things... John said some things... and now we're no longer friends.

To think that someone like you was the cause of the break-up of a friendship and mentor relationship which I had cherished... sickening... just sickening.

So that's about it, Nan. This is my "open letter" to you. You should have listened to me in 2010 and 2011, Nan.

You should have stood for what was right in 2011 and 2012, Nan.

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