Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Screw Your "Happy Holidays"

Happy friggin' THANKSGIVING...!

Yeah... that's the friggin' HOLIDAY that we here in the United Friggin' Largely Dysfunctional States of Friggin' America are set to celebrate tomorrow.

Not that you'd know it from the popular culture and the average moron on the street...

Over the past few days how many friggin' half-wits have wished you "happy holidays?"

What friggin' "holidays" - plural - are they talking about...?

Yes... obviously the answer is EVERY friggin' holiday between now and the CHRISTIAN New Year... between now and January 1, 2013... but think about it... is it really that friggin' difficult to say the names - in sequence - as they apply to each individual wish for a good... whatever...?!?!

Here... folks... say it with me: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Yes... (*FAINT CLAPPING*)... very good...



Very good...!!!

("What about Chunukah," you ask? Well... if you happen to be Jewish feel free to wish me and mine - and everyone else - a "Happy Chunukah." And if you're not Jewish but you feel the Jews you know would appreciate a "Happy Chunukah" then by all means... wish 'em one! But, friends... as a general rule... "Merry Christmas" is the CORRECT friggin' greeting or farewell starting from the day after THANKSGIVING till the Big Birthday Celebration itself!)

So... now that you're all experts... practice the following: "Happy New Year!" (But don't jump the gun... you've still got plenty of time till it's appropriate to throw that one out...)

My God, people... men... grow some friggin' balls!

Women... you're tough enough to survive giving birth... for Christ's sake, fight this politically correct nonsense along with me!

Kids... "youth"... start rebelling against authority - the faux "authority" of "sensitivity" run amok!

Does anyone reading this think it's a small thing - not worth getting worked up over? You're wrong! So friggin' wrong! 

Folks... we've gotta fight... we've gotta take back OUR America one person at a time... one small victory at a time.

The Left has changed our culture... and not for the better

It's time we changed it back... for the sake of our children and their children and their children.

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