Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Facing Facts - The GOP is "The Stupid Party"

OK, folks... let's talk about Mitt Romney.

Let's talk about Republicans vs. conservatives.

McCain 2008 - LOST!

Romney 2012 - LOST!

Would Gingrich have lost...? We'll never know. But I'm guessing Gingrich would have won all three debates against Obama.

I'm guessing Gingrich would have pounded Obama on Benghazi.

I'm guessing Gingrich would have been pounding Obama and Biden and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi day in and day out and that Gingrich would have started his timeline of national decline at January 2007 - when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took control of the House and Senate respectively - and highlighted the month by month stats linking ever-increasing Democrat control of government with the rise in food prices... fuel prices... insurance prices... tuition prices... unemployment... underemployment... debt... a steadily declining dollar... the growth of the welfare state... and on and on and on...

Romney won one debate. The second debate? A draw at best. The third debate... Romney spent much of his time agreeing with Obama!

If Romney's so smart... such a competent executive... how come he lost?

Yes! The American People are largely lazy and ignorant when it comes to keeping an eye on what the politicians are actually doing as opposed to what they're claiming to be doing, but everyone knows that Obama hasn't fixed the economy... that if anything our foreign policies are less successful than even Bush's!

Yes! The media was in the tank for Obama. (What else is new...?!?!) But if we couldn't overcome this in 2012, how are we ever expected to overcome it?

Does anyone LOVE John Boehner? How'bout Mitch McConnell? 

Folks... understand... 2010 was high tide and the Republicans in power squandered our victories of that year.

Americans elected Republicans in 2010 with the understanding that they'd fight to save the country. They didn't. The Boehner-McConnell Republicans deliberately choose to play "Democrat Lite" and fight to "lessen" further deficit spending rather than draw a line in the sand and demand federal spending be limited to (at most!) FY-2008 spending when there was a Democrat Congress and a Republican President.

Well, folks... one positive outcome of last night's election (in a "cut off one's nose to spit one's face" sorta way) was that RINO Republican Nan Hayworth... my congresswoman... was thrown out of office.

Ah... Hayworth out... a nice stopping point for this post. More on Romney and the STUPID PARTY in the next post!


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