Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Ramblings...

What kind of person votes for Obama?

Listen... if one is a true Leftist... Obama is the lesser of two evils - not Romney.

But I'm talking "normal" people.

Clearly Obama's presidency has been a disaster. His policies have not simply failed, but they're crashed and burned! 

Now if you're a statist... well... then Obama is your man.

If you view the Constitution and the very Rule of Law as impediments to "hope and change"... impediments to "fundamental change"... then of course it makes sense that you're an Obama voter.

But most Americans claim to love the Constitution. Most Americans claim to believe that it's honorable to "play by the rules" and dishonorable to "cheat." Surely Obama voters know that "deeming" ObamaCare to have passed was "cheating." Surely Obama voters know that "ruling by decree" is the antithesis of the Rule of Law?

Do most Democrats believe in "The Chicago Way?" Do they believe that the Benghazi cover-up and Eric Holder's "Operation Fast and Furious" represent the American ideal as they'd hope their children and grandchildren can look up to it?

My personal experience with Obama supporters? There's some idealism involved, but by and large we're talking people who simply look upon politics as a team sport where they have their team and that's that.

The average America is ill-educated and intellectually lazy. Part of this is pure human nature; part is due to their upbringing in an America where since the 60's... definitely since the 70's... the Left has largely controlled the schools and the media.

The average Obama supporter? Add a heaping helping of hatred and preconceptions to the already existing ignorance and couple this with "rah-rah, go team" emotion...


Of course not all Obama supporters are idiots. As I say... some are Leftists. Others simply hate Republicans.

I have a buddy of mine who used to love John McCain. (Me? I've always detested McCain. He's a fake... a phony... and a moron to boot!) But back to my buddy...

He loved McCain against Bush... but when it came to the 2008 Election when he finally had the opportunity to vote for McCain... well... he voted for Obama!

I know other people who claim they're not against the GOP, but rather against the "conservative extremists" who control the GOP.


Conservatives haven't controlled the GOP since Gingrich was removed in what amounted to a RINO coup!

And, hell... before Gingrich... the moment George Herbert Walker Bush became president... the era of Reagan was effectively over! 

Romney...? Mitt Romney...? A conservative...??? You've gotta be friggin' kidding me! (Either that or kidding yourself!) I don't give a damn what Romney "said" during the GOP Primaries... he was lying his ass off! We all know this! The Mitt Romney that was Governor of Massachusetts... who gave Massachusetts RomneyCare... that's the Mitt Romney voters who pull the lever for him today will be getting.

Folks... if Mitt Romney is too "conservative" for someone who claims that he or she is "by nature and bent" a Republican... then I can confidently say that self-knowledge isn't that person's strong suit.


Folks... I titled this post "Ramblings" because that's what I'm doing here. My point? I suppose I'm simply focused upon the fact that even if Romney wins... even if Romney wins big... we're left with an America where nearly half the voters are... according to my analysis... out... of... their... friggin'... minds...!!!

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