Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reuters... Mark Hosenball... and a Textbook Example of Liberal Media Bias





Wow, oh, wow, oh, wow...


Folks... if there was ever a textbook case of partisan/ideological media bias this is it - a Reuters story titled, "Obama Campaign Accuses Republicans of Smear Tactics Over Bin Laden, Leaks"

No, folks... my problem isn't with the title... it's with the opener - which as you'll see could have been written by Joe Biden (howbeit, probably with spelling errors)!

(Reuters) - Barack Obama's re-election campaign on Wednesday accused Republicans of trying to "Swift Boat" the president, a reference to hardball smear tactics used to attack the war record of Democratic Senator John Kerry when he unsuccessfully challenged George W. Bush for the White House in 2004.

"...a reference to hardball smear tactics..."


Where to begin...?!?!

What "smear tactics?" Telling the truth? Sworn testimony? Documentary evidence?


My God... the Reuters writer (Mark Hosenball) clearly sees himself as judge, jury, executioner, and propagandist in chief - or so it would appear!

Nothing like setting up the storyline early, huh, Mark?


Folks... this is Reuters... REUTERS! How does this sort of crap make it past the gatekeepers - the editors? (I'll tell you how... DELIBERATELY! That's how!)

"Reuters reported on Tuesday that a group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives was preparing to launch a media campaign, including TV ads, that scolds Obama for taking credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden and accuses his administration of leaking U.S. secrets for political advantage."

Umm... Reuters...? Do you know why the administration has been "accused" of leaking U.S. secrets for political advantage? Hmm...??? It's because THEY DID...!!!

(Jeezus, folks... even the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News... even sitting Democratic Senators... have acknowledged these leaks! No less than Diane friggin' Feinstein blasted Obama over the leaks!)

It gets worse, folks...

Here... paragraph 7... this is Hosenball - the Reuters reporter - "reporting":

"The term "Swift Boat" refers to a discredited political smear campaign used to attack Kerry, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, in the 2004 presidential election. As a young U.S. Navy officer during the war, Kerry commanded a class of vessel called a "Swift Boat.""

"Discredited...???" Really...?!?! When? Where? By whom...?!?!

Folks... this is textbook liberal bias... manipulation of readers attempted through the use of blatant lies and characterizations. Revisionist history... twisted history... day in and day out this is the sort of behavior I fear we call all expect the mainstream liberal media to engage in.

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