Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Presidential/Vice-Presidential Debate Schedule

Well, folks... here we go again...

According to Drudge, and confirmed by Politico and Huffington Post, here is the line-up for the upcoming fall presidential debates and single vice-presidential debate:

PBS/Jim Lehrer, moderating the first presidential debate, Oct 3rd; Denver, CO.

CNN/Candy Crowley, second presidential debate (town hall style), Oct 16th; Hempstead, NY.

CBS/ Bob Schieffer, third presidential debate, Oct. 22nd; Boca Raton, LA.

ABC/Martha Raddatz, first (and only) vice-presidential debate, Oct 11th; Danville, KY.

Four debates... four mainstream liberal media establishmentarians... same ol' shit.

Why isn't Fox News given a seat at the table? Why not Bill O'Reilly as a moderator?

Why not Glenn Beck? After all, the Left claims he was "fired" by Fox. One would think that this would speak to Beck's bona fides? (And going back to O'Reilly... in all seriousness... he's interviewed Obama... he's interviewed Hillary Clinton... both acknowledged O'Reilly's fairness with them.)

But, ok... let's take BOTH the liberal AND conservative windbags out of the equation! Why not allow the Heritage Foundation and the Brookings Institute to run one or more of the debates and thus ensure that real questions are asked and real answers are demanded and then analyzed by the experts?

Why not ask Hillsdale College and Harvard University to run one or more of the debates - America's foremost scholars given a chance to grill the candidates live on national television?

How stupid... how lazy... how literally suicidal are the American People that we allow this nonsense... the likes of Jim Lehrer, Candy Crowley, Bob Schieffer, and Marta Raddatz serving as "gate-keeper" between "We the People" and our presumptive leaders?!

This is outrageous!

And do you know what the worst is...? The very worst...? It's simply this: Besides me... besides this blog posting which will be read by perhaps a hundred people or so... there will be little protest and barely a thought "wasted" on questioning whether or not this "format" best serves the interests of the American People.

My friends... I think of America 2012... and I weep.

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