Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nan Hayworth Wins! As Usual... (*GRIN*)... I'm Right Again!

Well, folks... as usual... (*GRIN*)... I'm right again.

My candidate - Dr. (now Congresswoman-Elect) Nan Hayworth - beat incumbent Leftist Democrat John Hall to win New York's 19th Congressional District seat.

Good for Nan... good for me... good for America!

Notice, folks, I didn't throw out many predictions during this election cycle. I certainly wasn't stupid enough to base my predictions upon polling data! That said... patting myself firmly on the back, I knew Dr. Hayworth would win. I knew it all along and my confidence never wavered.

(Folks... I really am "Usually Right!")

Republicans won big, overall, but all that talk of 70-90 seat take-backs in the House was hot air. You didn't see me falling for the hype...

And, yeah, as I hoped - and publicly stated - it's actually a positive for the GOP that the Dems held the Senate. Putting the RINO wing of the GOP back into power in the Senate would have been a disaster for the country.

(McConnell and his ilk have got to be stripped of power!)

Back to the House... (*SIGH*)... as long as folks like Don Young and the rest of the "appropriators" can move up the ladder through seniority and misuse their power so as to "serve" their constituents (and out-of-district, out-of-state donors!!!) and in many cases line their own pockets and buttress their own careers by doing so, the People will only be able to look upon the GOP as the "lesser evil" as compared to the Democrats.


Throughout the campaign Dr. Hayworth was generous with her time and personal responses to my many (many... many... many...) emails concerning my questions, concerns, and advice.

I wasn't on the payroll, but I was a strong supporter and via my daily newsbites and private communications I'd like to think that I supplied a share of the "ammo" that the campaign relied upon to make the case for Nan Hayworth's election and John Hall's defeat.

As to the future...

Well... I am who I am. I'll continue to offer our soon-to-be Congresswoman the best advice I can and to offer her my services as a researcher and writer if called upon.

Most of all... I'll continue to be honest and forthright with her.

Even now - prior to being sworn in - Dr. Hayworth is no doubt being referred to and addressed as "Congresswoman Hayworth." That's fine. That's good! She deserves the title. To me though... (*SMILE*)... she'll always be "Nan," or "Doc," or - most heartfelt of all - Citizen Hayworth.

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