Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Piling On Continues...

Since I got my first home computer my homepage has been set to the Drudge Report.

That's not gonna change... but I have to say that I'm somewhat confused about Matt Drudge's continuing focus on "sharing" anti-Newt "news," opinion, and analysis.

Hey... it could just be that like me, Matt calls 'em as he sees 'em and so he's just providing the links and letting folks make of them what they will.

If so... kudos, Matt Drudge!

What's interesting, though, is that as with the other day's Weekly Standard "attack" on Newt which in reality only served to demonstrate how faithful to true conservatism New Gingrich actually is... so too do today's Drudge links serve the same purpose.

Case in point:

Check out the following from a Mark Shields column which Drudge highlights this morning...

In 1995, when Newt Gingrich first became speaker of the House, Bob Dole was already on the threshold of becoming the longest-serving Senate Republican leader in U.S. history. Relations between the two GOP leaders, which were never chummy, were not helped by Gingrich's openly disparaging Bob Dole as "the tax collector for the welfare state."

Well, well... criticizing Bob Dole... THAT supposedly supports the case that Newt isn't a true conservative...?!?! Really...?!?!

Referring (correctly!) to Bob Dole as the (then) "tax collector for the welfare state" somehow "outed" Gingrich as being what exactly... AN OPPONENT OF THE WELFARE STATE...?



It DOES "out" Gingrich as an opponent of the Welfare State and beyond this it provides further context to my oft-noted analysis that most of the hatred and fear of Gingrich coming out of the GOP Establishment is based upon their KNOWING that if elevated to the Presidency, Newt Gingrich will do everything within his power to shrink the Welfare State... and thus shrink the power of the GOP Spendacrats in the House, Senate, and throughout various state governments!

Folks... read the full Shields piece. It's fascinating. What Shield - a proud, committed, lifelong liberal democrat - does is provide a few quotes showing Newt Gingrich "criticizing" Reagan.

What Shields evidently hopes is that readers skip the broader context of these "criticisms" having been made FROM THE RIGHT OF REAGAN!

YES...!!! FROM THE RIGHT...!!!

(Read the full piece and you'll see what I mean.)

It is simply amazing to me that from both the Spendaholic Left and Spendaholic "Right" we're getting the same sort of desperate attempts to tar Gingrich as being somehow to the Left of Romney when, actual, what the record clearly shows is that in some ways Newt Gingrich was actually to the Right of Ronald Wilson Reagan!

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