Friday, October 5, 2012

On Vacation... See Ya All On Sunday, Oct. 14th

In the meantime...

Folks... you really need to read this... and pass it on to friends, colleagues, and family.

This is stuff I knew... that I know... but it's not stuff the average American knows.

You're not taught about this in K-12. Doubtful you learned about it in college either - including those of you with a Masters or even Ph.d

The lies are bipartisan and longstanding.

Romney and Ryan aren't much better than Obama and Biden, but since they present the only alternative...


I'll take "just a tad better." I have no choice. My kid has no choice. Your kids have no choice.

Please read Bruce Krasting's piece. And, please... once again... read today's newsbites. They serve to lift the veil... they serve to impart truth, not peddle propaganda.

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