Monday, October 22, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama... Nidal Malik Hasan... Anwar al-Awlaki...

One of the above mentioned individuals is dead.

Another... sitting in a prison cell... awaiting trial... awaiting trial since November 5, 2009.

(Yes... 35 months... more than 35 months, in fact.)

The third man? The President of the United States... the man who ordered the assassination of the first man and the man who refuses to label the second man a terrorist and who has allowed this unconscionable "delay" of justice to go on for the past aforementioned 35-plus months.

I wonder if either the moderator or Mitt Romney will bring up Major Nidal Malik Hasan and the Fort Hood shooting in the context of the Obama administration approach to battling "terrorism."

Note, folks... I put the word "terrorism" in quotes.

Now why would I do that...? Perhaps because President Obama apparently doesn't believe Major Hasan acted as a terrorist - regardless of what the surviving victims of Major Hasan and the loved ones of the deceased victims of Major Hasan believe.

Yes, my friends, please... click on the above link; read the Washington Post story.

Oh... and while you're at it... please... please... view the following video which can be found on YouTube labeled "He Said Allahu Akbar - the Attack on Fort Hood".

Thirteen innocent people died and 32 innocent people were wounded in what is widely known as the Fort Hood Massacre. 

Barack Hussein Obama ordered the assassination of an American citizen - Anwar al-Aulaqi - partly due to his connection to Major Hasan... the "non-terrorist" Fort Hood shooter. (Or should I say "alleged" shooter...? But if I do... then didn't President Obama order the assassination of "alleged terrorist" Anwar al-Aulaqi?)

Yes... confusing, isn't it!?

The President simply "declared" al-Aulaqi a terrorist and ordered his death. No trial. No conviction by a jury of his peers. Let me ask you, folks... why then can't President Obama simply "declare" Nidal Malik Hasan a terrorist and order his execution?

No fuss... no muss... no 35 months (and counting) of spending money feeding, clothing, sheltering, and otherwise dealing with this piece of human garbage.

Indeed... we're talking Barack Hussein Obama... the man who "took Osama out." Why can't our brave and heroic Commander-In-Chief simply borrow a pistol from one of his Secret Service agents and shoot Hasan himself?!

Do I go too far? How so? If the President of the United States has the power to classify American citizens - unilaterally... without trial, let alone conviction - to be terrorists... or "citizen enemy combatants"... and order their imprisonment, strip them of their Constitutional Rights, and even order their executions, well... doesn't Major Nidal Malik Hasan strike all of you as the poster boy for such "novel" exercise of self-claimed "executive powers" by the President?

Indeed... think of how far we can stretch the logic of the President's position! The FBI and ATF "know" who the bad guys are, right? They know who belongs to which Mafia family, which Tong, which drug cartel... and certainly the police know who the local "bad guys" are... the dealers, the robbers, the pedophiles... and so on and so forth. Why not just forward a list to President Obama and via executive order We the Taxpayers could save countless tax dollars all while making our streets safer!?

Hmm... some of you don't believe this would be a good idea? Oh, well... I'm just trying to follow the Obama logic here - and to be fair the Bush logic of post-9/11 and no doubt the Romney logic once he's sworn in.

So... logic aside... expediency aside... we're back to Nidal Malik Hasan "the man." 

If you followed the link to Friday's Washington Post story on the current status of Major Hasan and his status you'll have read the following:

[The] National Counterterrorism Center’s 2009 Report on Terrorism called the Fort Hood shooting a “high fatality terrorist attack.” The shooting also was mentioned in the State Department’s “Country Reports on Terrorism 2009.”

But, hey... what do they know! (At least that's Washington's "official" response... still Washington's official response as we "enjoy" the fruits of "The Age of Obama - Year Four".

Also from the Washington Post story:

While several government reports have described the rampage as an act of terrorism, soldiers and their relatives say the only way Fort Hood victims and their families will get the same benefits as troops killed or injured in combat is if the defense secretary specifically designates the shooting a “terrorist attack.”

Pentagon press secretary George Little said Friday that the Department of Defense “will not, at this time, further characterize” the shooting because it is committed to the integrity of the ongoing court-martial proceedings against Hasan. There are concerns that formally changing the designation could affect the legal proceedings.


Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was shot six times that day, said his injuries prevented him from continuing to serve. But he won’t receive the same benefits as those severely wounded on the battlefield because an Army medical evaluation board didn’t deem his injuries to be combat-related, he said.

Makes you proud to be an American, huh? Way to "stand behind the troops."

An October 2011 letter on behalf of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was sent to U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, saying “the department is dealing with the threat of violent Islamist extremism in the context of a broader threat of workplace violence.”

Yep. You read that right. "Workplace violence." Barack Obama's former Director of the CIA, present Secretary of Defense, apparently considers Major Hasan merely a perpetrator of... er... "workplace violence." (Oh... forgive me... an "alleged perpetrator...")

Why hasn't Hasan faced justice yet? Why haven't his victims and their friends... loved ones... families... received justice yet?

Why has it been 35-plus months?

Folks... kinda hard to blame this one on George W. Bush! After all, the massacre occurred on Barack Hussein Obama's watch... November 5, 2009... and today, October 22, 2012... we're still living in "The Age of Obama."

Nope. I doubt anyone will bring up Major Hasan tonight. (Hopefully I'll be proven wrong!) But whether the subject of the Fort Hood Massacre comes up or not, hopefully by having read this "stand-alone" posting here at Usually Right you'll think about it. 

What kind of America are Obama and his cronies running when something like this is basically a back-burner "old news" item?

What does the Fort Hood Massacre and the Obama administration's "handling" of it reflect upon President Barack Hussein Obama and his policies and the people he's appointed to oversee his policies?

All I ask... is that you think about it.  

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