Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Tale of Two Romneys...

OK... my reaction to tonight's debate.

Romney kicked ass for the first 45 minutes or so and then went into defensive pander mode.

He started strong. One of my favorite lines was when he announced his "China Test" for budget priorities - to paraphrase... "Is this spending proposal so vital as to warrant borrowing money from China to pay for it."

Here's the problem, folks... by the last third of the debate Romney backtracking a bit... he was promising not to cut defense... stating that he was in favor of hiring more teachers... and let's not forget... he called for increases in Medicare expenditures - 1% above the rate of inflation.

A bit of a disconnect...? I'd say so.

Still... Obama spent most of the night lying and... well... not doing it very convincingly.

Here's the bottom line, folks... neither candidate is the man America needs at the helm, however, one of these two men is going to be sworn in as President of the United States come January 2013 and serve in that post for the following four years absent some unforeseen event or tragedy.

We know what we've gotten from Obama and I believe it's pretty clear we'll get more of the same... only more so.

Frankly, unless one is a true Leftist, I don't see how one could vote to re-elect the man after what we've seen from him and his people over the past near-four years.

Romney? How did Massachusetts fair when he was governor? Did the Massachusetts state debt go up anywhere approaching the percentage jump in the U.S. national debt under President Obama?

How about unemployment? What was the Massachusetts record under Romney as opposed to the U.S. reality under Obama?

What I'm getting at here is that as far as I know... Romney just doesn't have a record of failure comparable to President Obama's.

Oh... and by the way... back to the actual debate for a moment... I fear it's time for Jim Lehrer to call it a career. Not only did he literally lose control of the proceedings at times, but he wasn't even subtle with his "assists" to President Obama - going so far as to actually try to "rephrase" - in order to highlight - some of the President's talking points.

Romney should get a bump from tonight's debate.

We'll see.

It'll be interesting to see how the MSM spins things... and how the "fact checkers" spin things.

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William R. Barker said...

Ya know... maybe I misjudged Lehrer.

No... not about who he's rooting for. (I think that's pretty clear...)

No... I'm talking about the overall impact of having him as moderator.

He let the candidates go at each other.

That's EXACTLY what I've always called for - REAL debates!

Did Lehrer do so on purpose or was he simply "rolled" when he tried to place his thumb on the scale and allow Obama unanswered time? Well... frankly... it doesn't matter! What matters is that the candidates were able to mix it up and address each others points directly as opposed to via the prism of media "gotchya" questioning.

And speaking of the questioning...


Again... when all is said and done it Lehrer did a pretty good job of NOT asking stupid questions and not wasting time on "soundbite of the day" topics.

We'll see if the next two presidential debates and single vice presidential debate are half as informative.