Monday, October 15, 2012

Back From Vacation... and, Yeah... Saw the Biden-Ryan Debate

Afternoon, pardners!

Yee-haw and yippidy-aye-aah - we're back from Texas!

(Actually we got home on Saturday night, but this is my first opportunity to address my beloved readers...)



Anyway... great trip... more on our travels later... for now just a few brief comments on the Vice Presidential Debate (which I watched via DVR yesterday).

It was basically a draw.

In a sense you can even say Biden "won" by not losing.

Was Biden a rude, obnoxious, dishonest schlep? Yeah... sure... but if you're a die-hard Democrat partisan then chances are you actually cheered his behavior on throughout the debate.

Did Ryan "win" on points... based strictly upon "honest scores" vs. "dishonest scores?" Yeah... I suppose... but the debate wasn't being "scored" by professional debate judges "ruling" according to how strictly the participants towed the "fact" line.

Ryan wasn't nearly aggressive enough for my tastes. He seemed nervous and clearly the predetermined "game plan" was to strive for no big mistakes as opposed to going all out for a decisive "win by knock-out."

Folks... if you have time... I suggest you google "Biden-Palin Debate" and watch (or re-watch, hopefully) the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. You'll note (hopefully anew) that Palin cleans Biden's clock. Folks... unfortunately... here and now, America 2012... the Age of Obama... not even the most partisan Republican can claim with a straight face that Paul Ryan cleaned Joe Biden's clock.


Anyway... tomorrow night is the next Presidential Debate. I'll probably be working and miss watching it live, but I'll of course DVR it and watch it at the first opportunity and then share my thoughts.


As for newsbites... I may get to them later tonight, but then again I may wait till tomorrow morning. (Heck... if I get bogged down in writing my Texas travelogue newsbites may have to wait till Wednesday!)

Later, folks!

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William R. Barker said...

This commentary pretty much sums up my reaction to the Biden-Ryan debate.

Read it! You'll enjoy it!