Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Barker's Newsbites: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's morning... (in America...)

No. Just kidding with the Reagan reference. (Unfortunately, that is...)

After a good night's sleep do I still have the urge to seek out Mitt Romney and beat him bloody with baseball bat? Yep...

Tryin' to get over it. Tryin' to remember how much worse Obama is...

Still... it's hard.

Let me just throw one thing out: Romney accuses China of being a currency manipulator, right? And Obama... he "kinda" agrees... it's just that he's not willing to do anything about it even though he seemingly agrees with Romney that it's true.

Mr. President... Governor Romney... allow me to introduce you to Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve, and the low dollar policies of first the Bush administration and then (doubling down, of course) the Obama administration!

Jeezus... we're the biggest currency manipulators on the friggin' planet! And it's a flawed policy! It's hurting the middle class... hurting responsible savers... hurting our position in the world!

OK... I can't help myself... allow me to rant against that friggin' moron Romney:

Russia...? Russia as "#1 Bad Guy...?!?!" Is this idiot kidding...? Did he somehow misspell the word C*H*I*N*A as "Russia?"

And, no... Iran isn't the "most immediate threat" to the United States. Yes... Iran poses a threat to world peace in the sense that the middle east is a tinder box... and yes... obviously we don't want the Mullahs to have control of nuclear weapons... but for Christ's sake (pardon the pun) let's keep in mind that compared to past threats such as... oh... say Imperial Japan... Nazi Germany... the Soviet Union... North friggin' Korea... well... Iran isn't all that scary.

What bugs me most about Romney's foreign policy instincts and (false) beliefs is that he's clearly a Wilsonian... a George W. Bush Republican... when it comes to foreign policy. 

Deficits? What deficits! Debt? What debt! We've gotta play the role of "Sugar Daddy to The World!"

Poor people abroad? Send 'em American tax dollars! (And hell... borrow money from China and send it overseas as well!)

But, hey... is this any different than Obama? No. Obama talked the talk last night about worrying about America first... but he doesn't mean it in the sense that I do. No. Obama is quite content with lessening American standards of living until we have a more level... er... world playing field.

(Hell, folks... after the Muslim Brotherhood/President of Egypt allowed our Cairo Embassy to be attacked and violated on 9/11/12 Obama still went ahead with massive billion dollar plus giveaways of American financial resources to the very government which had just shown their utter contempt for us!)

Again, folks... a Romney presidency will likely - at best - "rescue" America from the fire... only to dump us smack dab right back into the center of the frying pan.

And whose fault is it that our candidates for the presidency are Barack Hussein Obama and Willard Mitt Romney...? The American Peoples', that's whose!

The country is lost, my friends. We've fucked it up beyond repair. We no longer have a reliable and trustworthy Rule of Law and democracy is but a means for the Oligarchy to exercise power via Special Interest groups... and moronic individual citizens who don't know (nor care for) the first thing about what true citizenship means.

The American People reject Ron Paul. They also reject Newt Gingrich. Yet they accepted Barack Hussein Obama and chances are they'll accept Willard Mitt Romney. What does that tell you...???

Anyway... rant off... enjoy today's newsbites!

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