Sunday, June 28, 2015


Raise your hand if you think Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to be the Democrat nominee for president.

Now... answer me this... (particularly those likely to vote for the Democrat - no matter who he or she is)...

If AL GORE were to throw his hat in the ring... would you support him over Hillary Rodham Clinton?


Yeah... GORE has his own financial dealings to explain... but... vs. those of THE CLINTONS...?!?!


And you "kids" reading this... those of you between say 18-30... what do you (think) you know about Al Gore? Many of you... most of you... have been taught that he's pretty much a hero via his "environmentalist" credentials; right?

Dems... aren't you STILL pissed off that while Gore won the popular vote in 2000 (hey... he DID, fellow conservatives!) the election was "stolen" (*SMIRK*) from him? (Com'on... you KNOW you are!)

So, folks... look inward at your own reactions to the questions I raise and then ask yourself the following:

Why WOULDN'T Gore run...???


It's certainly not Clinton who would have to best chance to beat a Republican (depending upon who the Republican candidate is) next year - it's AL GORE. At least... that's MY thesis.


Again... why WOULDN'T Gore at least make the attempt?

The Obamas HATE the Clintons. There's a civil war going on within the Democratic Party between the Obama Machine and the Clinton Machine.


It wouldn't surprise me in the least if the Obamas have been engaging - behind the scenes - in talks with Al Gore's people.

To smash the Clinton Machine and ensure the long-term primacy of the Obama Machine the Obamas have no choice but to see that Hillary Rodham Clinton NEVER becomes president.


Anyway... stay tuned...

In any event... either I'm right or I'm wrong. And if I'm wrong... wrong in the sense that Gore DOESN'T throw his hat in the ring... you're still left with this simply question:



Mike Yar said...


But my theory is: We have seen the possibility of others seeking the Democratic Nominee. I don't know who that person will be, but it will not be Gore. IMHO! D

Don't count out Cuomo nor Scummy Schumer. :(

William R. Barker said...

Cuomo wouldn't dare - and if he did he'd be crushed. (Just based upon his record as Clinton's Housing Secretary!)

As to Schumer... his goal is to become Senate Majority Leader - or at the very least Senate Minority Leader.

THANKS for responding, Mike!

Mike Yar said...

Agreed with your analysis of both.

However, they don't care about opinions nor have any shame about their past & will not have it in the future.

Cuomo is an opportunist, lurking.

Schumer has already been appointed next Democrat/Communist leader of Senate. But Hillary gone (I predict: quit), he will get his ego in gear.

I would not dismiss neither. It is not as if there is much challenging young talent in that party. Not like the GOP, which has many young new charismatic Governors.

And, I am taking coffee bets that Hillary will not be the Nominee. :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot Chuck Schumer, another Progressive Ahhh!! I at first was thinking he would be on Hillary's ticket in some capacity whether VP or Sect of State. He seems to be distancing himself from her. I have a sneaky suspicion that you are correct; these two now, neither will be the nominee. Gore has a lot of baggage, plus he has no credible resume as a VP.

William R. Barker said...

Er... (*SCRATCHING MY HEAD*)... "no credible record as VP." Um... sweeties... (*GRIN*)... while I agree with your sentence as a stand-alone... (*CHUCKLE*)... the fact is that "with his record" he WON the popular vote in 2000 - and that was fifteen year ago... meaning the population THEN! (*SNORT*) Er... if anything... the numerical advantages of the Left (brainwashed kids... "new" Americans) have risen.

And, yes, Gore has a lot of baggage. Less though than Clinton - the... er... supposedly "inevitable" nominee.

Anyway... do you SEE why your arguments just... er... might be a bit more... um... emotional than realistic?