Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Next Rant... (Friggin' Hot Dogs...)

F--k Nathan's hot dogs!

F--k "Nathan's Famous Inc.!"

Friggin' scumbags have reduced package size to 14 ounces!


F--k 'em and their 14 ounce package; their hot dogs can sit in the supermarket fridge and friggin' ROT before I'll let 'em get away with pulling this crap on me.

From 16 ounces to 15 ounces I accepted; but folks... if we accept 14 ounce packaging how long till it's 13 ounces... 12 ounces... 11 ounces...

(Actually, their "Angus Beef" hot dogs ARE NOW being sold in a measly 11 ounce package! Check the small print, folks!)

So... f--k Ronald G. DeVos, Chief Financial Officer!

F--k Eric Gatoff, Chief Executive Officer!

F--k Howard Lorber,  Executive Chairman!

F--k Wayne Norbitz, President and Chief Operating Officer!

F--k you all... and f--k Nathan's Board of Directors - each of them - as well!

Folks... it ain't just Nathan's and it ain't just hot dogs.

Hey... folks... it's not as if these scumbags are being forthright. Look at the packaging. It usually LOOKS the same as it did before... before the manufacturer decided to give you less product for your dollar while hoping you wouldn't notice.

Boxed goods... canned goods... bagged goods... all sorts of products are being shrunk - and usually in the most deceptive manner possible. 

AND... NOTE... once one major play does it... the rest usually follow. If that's not collusion I don't know what is! (No... they're not "meeting" to "fix" the package size; they don't have to; but in the end what it amounts to is across the board consumer abuse.)

Folks... WE'RE the consumers! WE'RE the ones getting screwed!

And where's government? Where are the regulatory "guardians?" They're nowhere to been seen - let alone heard from. I suppose campaign contributions grease a lot of wheels in Washington and in the various state capitals.

How long till tuna cans shrink again? Or soup cans? Or ice cream cartons? Or... (Well... you get the idea.)

Ya know that inflation that "doesn't exist," folks? Well... it exists. It exists in this sneaky, underhanded, deceitful practice of constantly shrinking product size.

You should ALL be as mad as I am. But... I know you're not. Which is why this country is going down...

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