Sunday, June 14, 2015


Aunt Ruth passed today.

Actually... she passed early this morning... in the middle of the night...

She's at peace.

Mary and I spent yesterday at the hospital keeping vigil with the family until visiting hours ended at 7:00 p.m.

I do believe that Ruth's children were with her when she passed.

Mary and I didn't find out till we went to the hospital, arriving at noon today - which is when ICU visiting hours begin for all but immediate family.

Upon requesting our visitor passes at the hospital main reception desk we were told Aunt Ruth was "no longer listed as a patient." At that point... we knew. We tried to contact Ruth's children to verify, but weren't able to reach them. (Understandable...)

We then went upstairs to ICU so as to verify our assumption and get details. That was when we learned that Aunt Ruth had indeed passed during the night.

Mary and I thank our good friends Claire and Joey Bonsignoire for their help throughout this ordeal. Thank you so much Claire for using your influence to ensure we were able to visit with Aunt Ruth on Friday night after normal visiting hours. Aunt Ruth was alert and engaged and we spent over an hour of quality time with her. That wouldn't have happened with you and Joey, Claire. God bless you both.

Carl and Antoinette... Mary and Ted... thank you from the bottom of my heart - and Mary's - for your support and love. 

To other friends only reading this post "now" - after the fact - I know you too would have been supportive had you known. John Gebbia... if you're reading this... know that Aunt Ruth always asked about you! Todd Bushey... you too! (And of course you guys - Ted and Mary; Aunt Ruth just loved hearing about our adventures in the Bahamas, Key West, New Hampshire, Boston, and here in New York.)

(Yes... yes... you too, Carl!)

Anyway... it's been a long few days.

God bless Aunt Ruth.

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