Friday, September 14, 2012

What Are They Thinking In Beijing? Moscow? Tehran? Pyongyang?

Just throwing it out there, folks...

What are America's adversaries... enemies... even friends thinking right about now?

Surely you don't believe that what you're watching on TV or listening to on the radio or reading online or in a newspaper is all there is to worry about...


A paper tiger - either unwilling or unable to defend our embassies and consulates...


A nation that "mourns" the loss of four members of the Diplomatic Service but whose President and Secretary of State failed to keep safe in the first place.

Do you honestly believe I'm being "unfair" to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

While I haven't yet had time to address newsbites today - to post new ones - I've already laid out what certainly appears to be incompetence and irresolution at the very highest levels of government.

The CIA didn't "crack the conspiracy" - that is, if there was one... which increasingly it appears sure there was...

Have you been noting what's been happening domestically today...?!?!

What of the billions upon billions we've spent on Homeland Security, the FBI, ATF, NSA, state, city, and local police/security grants...

What of America, Americans, and American interests being "safer" because Obama "got" bin Laden...?!?!

You don't think what's happening emboldens the Chinese... the Russians... the North Koreans... the Iranians?

You don't believe there's a price to be paid for this level of incompetence and unpreparedness...?!?!

Do you suppose America is more or less respected today than it was during even during the lowest points of the Bush administration? How about feared?

Oh, yes... Obama talks a good game... he orders the assassination of terrorists - even if they hold American citizenship. But regardless of what one thinks of his propensity to use cruise missiles to swat gnats and his willingness to otherwise feel free to use force (even absent clear Congressional approval) even if it violates the territorial integrity of Pakistan or Yemen or Somalia or some other pissant "semi-state"... do you believe the Mullahs in Iran truly fear Obama? Do you suppose Putin fears Obama? How about the Chinese... the North Koreans...???

My point is this: The weakness and incompetence shown by this administration... not just "losing" Egypt in the first place, but actually siding with the forces who hate us as much or more than they hated their own dictators... has ramifications across our global security and economic interests.

Just as the first attack on the World Trade center during Clinton's presidency (1993)...  the Khobar Towers bombing during Clinton's presidency (1996)... the U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania during Clinton's president (1998)... and finally the successful attack upon the U.S.S. Cole during Clinton's presidency (2000) set a certain "tone" that no doubt furthered the planning and willingness to go through with the 9.11 attacks nine months into the Bush presidency... so too do I fear that the legacy of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy will reverberate to our future pain and suffering should the American People not demand a change of course come November.

May God have mercy on this once great nation and her once great People...

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