Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago Parents Engaged In Mass Child Abuse least, that's how the AP is portraying the situation - though it's doubtful anyone at the AP realizes that this is what they're actually reporting.

Chicago Teachers Strike... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel - former Chief of Staff to President Obama, former Democratic Congressman, former Managing Director of Investment Bank Wasserstein Perella (all without an MBA, finance degree, or any pertinent general business or banking experience), former Freddie Mac Director -  is taking the Chicago Teachers' Union to Court in an effort to get them back in the classrooms. The legal brief relies upon not just specific Illinois State law, but argues that... well... I'll let the AP piece speak for itself via paragraph 5 of the article:
"The 700-page filing also contends the strike presents a danger to public health and safety, partly because more than 80% of 350,000 public students rely on school meals for their basic nutrition; it says 50,000 others, including autistic students, depend on special instruction. And out of school, children are more prone to fall victim to violence, it says."

So let me get this straight... putting the strike aside... putting the legal maneuvering aside...


 Food stamps don't provide food for children?

Follow my logic, here, folks...

Isn't it safe for me to assume that this "80% of 350,000 public school students who supposedly rely on school meals for their basic nutrition" is part of the Chicago population that already receives cash welfare... housing allowances...  medicaid... and food stamps...?!?!

Am I missing something here...?!?!

Either these students come from homes where their "basic nutrition" is supplied by SNAP and yet their parent/parents/guardian/guardians aren't feeding them... or...

Or what?! That's the question! That's my observation! That's what I get from having just read paragraph 5 of the AP story!

Why are the taxpayers paying TWICE to feed these children...?!?!

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