Friday, September 14, 2012

I'd Suggest Turning on the Nearest TV...

Jeezus, folks... if the news via Drudge isn't enough to tell you the chickens have come home to roost than I invite you to turn on the nearest TV.

So... how's Obama's "Hope and Change" working out? 

Not so well it would seem...

Hillary Rodham Clinton... how's she doing as America's Chief Diplomat and executive head of the Department of State?


Seriously, folks... we haven't seen anything like this since the Age of Carter!

Compared to Barack and Hillary... Jimmy Carter and Cyrus Vance were the epitomy of competence!

Jeezus friggin' Christ, people... George W. Bush and Condi Rice were strategic and tactical geniuses compared to Obama and Clinton!

This is happening, folks! This is friggin' happening!


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