Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NCIS - Season 10, Episode 1 - "Extreme Prejudice"

Yep... remember back when Jack Bauer represented the dark side of the George W. Bush administration?

Well... Jack is long "retired," but Jethro Gibbs and his NCIS team are still on the job over at CBS reflecting the values of America in the Age of Obama!

Tonight's episode... "Extreme Prejudice."

Yep... the title refers to the plot anchor - an illegal presidential assassination order that apparently no one in TV land... or in the real word... looks upon as anything out of the ordinary - never mind out of bounds... illegal... unconstitutional...

Why do I say this? Well, prior to writing this I did a bit of googling and didn't find one negative comment on tonight's NCIS episode premise! Not one!

So... anyway... tonight's episode was the continuation of last season's closing cliffhanger.

American "terrorist" Harper Dearing has set off a bomb which has taken out part of the NCIS complex. People have died. People have been hurt. (All the major - and minor - recurring characters are ok, though...)

Actually... Dearing isn't so much a "terrorist" as he is a vengeful father who blames the U.S. Navy for the death of his son. The TV guide episode synopsis refers to Dearing as a "criminal mastermind."

In any case, prior to this latest crime...

(Previously Dearing had planted bombs in U.S. navy ships in order to force the navy to acknowledge the potential cost... now real cost... of allowing ship construction along a faulty design which made the ships vulnerable to internal fires... but that's going back to previous episodes...)

...Dearing had been "wanted."

But tonight... oh... tonight... the plot expanded to double-down on recent real presidential assassination orders to create the plot device of a very, very, very angry President (Obama) reacting to Dearing's latest bombing by ordering NCIS, the FBI, and by extension any and all U.S. governmental agencies, departments, and the military to go after Dearing with "extreme prejudice" - in other words... Dearing... an American citizen on American soil... was no longer a "wanted" man... he was now a marked man... marked for "termination."

And, oh, yeah... by the end of the episode he'd been... er... "terminated." Killed. Murdered. Assassinated. Pick your favorite term.

And... this being the age of Obama... no one in CBS's fictional reflection of the real America 2012 had a problem with this illegal, unconstitutional presidential order!

Nope... there wasn't even a philosophical discussion!

The President of the United States says "kill the bastard" then by God we kill the bastard!

Hell... the FBI deliberately blew off an opportunity to peacefully capture the "suspect" and bring him to justice just so that - instead - a uniformed FBI "SWAT" team would literally pour automatic weapons firepower into a bathroom where they thought Dearing was taking a wiz or perhaps just washing his hands.

(No calls for surrender... just an ambush... an ambush planned with one objective in mind - to kill, not capture, the "suspect.")

Yeah... it's "only a TV show." Keep on telling yourselves that, my friends.

No. What it is is a further "socialization" of the American People to "the new normal" where civil rights are what those in power say they are... the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are more like guidelines and suggestions... and the Rule of Law is replaced by the rule of the POTUS.

It really is amazing, folks. And most of you don't even see it

That's what's so friggin' scary...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my assessment.

I was shocked by the script elements you mention.

I am dismayed that I could find no other online disapproval or discussion.

Everyone else I know cheered, already having been "softened-up" to encroaching tyranny.

William R. Barker said...

Thanks, Anon; no... you're not alone.

We are vastly outnumbered, however.