Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barker's Newsbites: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey, folks... how ya'll doin'?

Me? Busy day. Driving to Delaware later - and back - on business.

Anyway... don't know if they'll be any newsbites today, but I feel the need to share a few thoughts just the same.

Last night I did a run for a buddy of mine. Usually we talk politics in the car. Last night... just social chit-chat. Funny, huh? The Middle East and North Africa is a powder-keg of violence, murderous attacks directed against us... we've had embassies attacked, consulates burned to the ground, an Ambassador and other American diplomats murdered... the Obama administration has been caught red handed lying about what they knew and when they knew it prior to the attacks... this weekend we suffered yet another major military debacle in Afghanistan... news is still unfolding concerning that one... news is now dribbling out that there have been previous successful attacks made upon our air assets in Afghanistan but "for some reason" the spotlight of news coverage was never shone upon these past "incidents"...

None of this ever came up last night.


Meanwhile... Ben Bernanke and the Fed - with the full support of (once again) the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress - has (literally) tripled-down on their war against the dollar... their war against savings and responsible market-based lending... 


Bernanke, Geithner, Obama, Reid, Pelosi... all the Democrats (from what I can tell) support monetizing the debt and unleashing yet more (and I'm guessing worse) torrents of inflation (stagflation really) upon the American People, and...

We didn't talk about this either.

Are many of you active on Facebook? No... I wouldn't think so. The demographic of my readership really isn't "generation FB." But you know what... the demographic of much of the electorate is "generation FB." And what I see when I browse FB is not outrage against failed Obama policies, but either a total ignoring of current events reality or worse... more support for Obama than opposition to him.

It... is... truly... amazing.

Americans... lemming... sheeple... however you care to describe our fellow citizens... 


...engaged, knowledgeable, rational, and determined to save America they apparently are not.


Bottom line... no matter how often the mainstream media are outed as in the tank for Obama and the Democrats it doesn't seem to lessen their influence... their influence extended not just by what they report and how the report it, but perhaps via a much more effective technique... not reporting certain news and not emphasizing certain truths.

Anyway, folks... all I can do is... well... what I'm doing... what I've been doing.

I'll continue to tell you the truth.

Stay tuned...

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