Monday, April 25, 2016

So Now Little Red Riding Hood is a Lesbian?

MAKE... IT... STOP...!!!



My female friends...

How many of you are lesbians?

There must be more of you out there than I realize, because going by TV Show plot lines... gays and lesbians... particularly lesbians... are everywhere!

Folks... this isn't an "anti-gay" rant; it's just...


My Sunday "family show" - Once Upon A Time - just made Little Red Riding Hood a lesbian. Last week's episode, which the Poops and I watched last night via DVR recording, featured Little Red Riding Hood sucking face - open mouth tongue action and all - with... Dorothy... as in Dorothy of Kansas... and of Oz.


Seriously, folks... is this what Sunday "family" TV has come to?

Oh... and by the way... Red "switching to the other team" just came out of nowhere; when her storyline first took off she had a boyfriend. But, hey... in America 2016... no need to "limit" oneself, right?

I know that I periodically rant about this crap and a common response is "well, if you don't like it, don't watch." But, folks... it's not about me... it's about the children.

Folks... you know they're doing it deliberately... using "entertainment" to coarsen the culture and basically "advocate" homosexuality. The "entertainment" is about politics - identity politics.

I watch a lot of TV... dramas, comedies, sci-fi, action-adventure... and every show seems to have someone who out of the blue "turns gay." And we're not talking just a reflection of reality; we're talking far beyond any realistic representation of actual prevalence.

Again... I'm not "anti-gay." A certain percentage of people are born gay; that's just how they're "wired." I get it. But what's occurring isn't simply entertainment reflecting genetic reality; again... what we're getting is political propaganda pure and simple. And when they're targeting little kids... (because I'm sure a great many kids watch Once Upon A Time)... they're going too far.

Rant off.

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