Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cruz and Carly

So... Ted Cruz has followed the advice William R. Barker (that's me!) gave out... last summer.

As I'm sure some of you will remember, I advised Cruz (and the other bozos) to run as "teams" - meaning to run for the presidency with a slate of "probable nominees" for everything from a running mate to cabinet appointees to court appointees.

So now... today... "Desperate Ted" is gonna do (in part) what I advised months and months ago.


So... Carly Fiorini, huh?

Where to start...


She's a woman...
She's a very articulate woman...
She's a business person...
In line with being articulate... she's effectively vicious when she wants to be.


She's a neocon...
She's THE neocon - worse than Jeb was... worse than Rubio.

Folks... I'm just going at this off the top of my head. (I suppose I could go back to my "reviews" of the early GOP debates, but, for now... I'll leave MY pros and cons as they are and invite others to add to MY list.)

What do you folks think?

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