Thursday, March 31, 2016

But... But... But... Don't We NORMALLY Punish Illegal Behavior?

From the NYT

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"Donald J. Trump said on Wednesday that women who seek abortions should be subject to “some form of punishment” if the procedure is banned in the United States, further elevating Republican concerns that his explosive remarks about women could doom the party in the fall."

That was the Time's first paragraph... their lead... their first salvo.

And what a firestorm Trump's "outrageous" statement - his answer to a direct question - caused.

But before we explore further, allow me to offer an alternate reality where the topic is drug abuse:

"Senator Ted Cruz said on Wednesday that men who seek to purchase and use heroin should be subject to "some form of punishment" because the purchase and use of heroin is banned in the United States."

So... any problem?


Folks... Trump was answering a hypothetical question - and frankly... his answer made perfect friggin' sense to me. Just as... if the above "alternate reality" Cruz quote was an actual quote... I'd have no problem with Cruz having said it.

Indeed... I'd be thrilled if Cruz... or Trump... or Hillary Rodham Clinton... or Bernie Sanders... would come out with such a common sense no-brainer utterance of basic logic!


And by the way... Trump said "some form of punishment." He didn't say "a woman who gets an illegal abortion should spend the rest of her life in prison." He didn't say "a woman who gets an illegal abortion should herself face the death penalty."

Folks... seriously... Trump didn't even specifically call for jail time!

And for "anti-abortion" candidate Ted Cruz - and other "anti-abortion" Republicans - condemn Donald Trump? (Condemn him not for not being tough enough... but condemn him for saying a woman who breaks a hypothetical law should face punishment!)

My question: Is Ted Cruz retarded?

My follow-up: How many millions of my fellow citizens are... retarded?

Because frankly folks... one would have to be a friggin' retard to buy into the NYT/Liberal Media/RINO/Ted Cruz "big screen production" on this!

So let me get this straight... here's the scenario: Abortion is illegal. (With me so far?) Nevertheless a woman seeks and gets an abortion. (Still with me?) A doctor performs the abortion - the illegal abortion - at the behest of the woman. (We're all on the same page with this scenario?) Trump and Cruz both agree that the doctor should "face punishment."


But... the woman who hired the doctor to perform the illegal abortion... is held blameless? She - under the "illegal" scenario should face no punishment while the doctor she paid... is punished... is perhaps sent to jail... at the very least no doubt loses his medical license and thus his livelihood?


Someone please explain to me how Trump is the bad guy and Cruz is the good guy...


But, hey... I'm up for some Trump bashing! Here... continue reading from the NYT article!

"Hours later, Mr. Trump recanted his remarks, essentially in full, a rare and remarkable shift for a candidate who proudly extols his unwillingness to apologize or bow to “political correctness.”

"If abortion were disallowed, he said in a statement, “the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman.”

“The woman is a victim in this case, as is the life in her womb,” he continued."

Huh...?!?! What...?!?!


WHAT... A... PUSSY...!!!

I "get" it! It's "damage control." But, folks... what a cowardly act! What a total pussy move!

Oh... but Cruz folks... sorry... you guys can't bash Trump on this pussy move because...


...because that pussy move was Cruz's "go-to!" Cruz's original "go-to!"


Anyway, folks... my take-away... Trump and Cruz both leave a great deal to be desired as candidates and as honorable men of integrity. They both periodically engage in behavior that literally sickens me.


But... they're our only hope for saving this country.

With all their various faults either man stands head and shoulders above any other Republican and obviously any Democrat.

Folks... all I'm saying is... face the truth as it exists. Don't be like Trump. Don't be like Cruz. Don't be like the NYT.


Demand logic and intellectual (and ethical and moral) consistency from "your" guy (or gal) as well as from "the other guy/gal."

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