Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank you Robert A. George

O.K. I'm doing it! Thanks to Robert A. George... I'm now an "official" blogger with my very own blog.

For the last couple years I've been quite happy to pontificate via Mr. George's (RAG's) blog,, but after the Great Man banned me...

Yep. That's what it took to get my lazy, technophobic butt in gear.

So thanks, RAG. Sincerely. Thanks for giving me the kick I needed.

And thanks also to Robert Dakin, aka Rodak, aka Rob. He's a guy I met over at RT whom I sincerely hope will not be a stranger here at Usually Right.

Anyway... (*DRUM ROLL*)

And now... for the very first time as a bloghost...



Rodak said...

I can't say welcome to the blogosphere, since that's where I made your acquaintance in the first place.
But welcome to the Blogger's Club!

Robert A. George said...

Bill: Congrats on building your own spot! Thanks for the shout-out in the first post! However, I must say that the humility you demonstrate in the name of your blog (merely "Usually Right"?) is, dare I say it...unnerving. ;-)

EdMcGon said...

It's about time! :)

Rodak said...

Hey, Ed! Where you been, cuz?