Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Fun - A Quiz!

See how ya do, folks!


Rodak said...

I scored 81.82%.

Anonymous said...

98% - Higher than Rodak (*RASPBERRIES*)

Of course, I was a poli-sci major, so it was a ringer ...

William R. Barker said...

I got one wrong - the last question, #33.

Here's the email I sent the outfit:

33) If taxes equal government spending, then:

A. government debt is zero
B. printing money no longer causes inflation
C. government is not helping anybody
D. tax per person equals government spending per person
E. tax loopholes and special-interest spending are absent

* You show the answer as being D, not A, but the wording is misleading in both cases so therefore neither answer is actually correct.

In A you speak of government DEBT. Now obviously debt accrues, so therefore from the exact wording of the question we can't know for certain whether answer A is correct or not. I'm guessing many respondents are (incorrectly) substituting "deficit" for "debt" in their minds as they read and answer the question and if so this will lead to a skew towards A.

On the other hand, answer D notes "per person." Again, since we have a progressive income tax system (and even if we had a totally regressive system we don't all make the same income) this "per person" phrasing no doubt leads to a skewing away from D under the logic that you're talking GROUP comparisons as opposed to INDIVIDUAL comparisons.

If I were the designer of this survey I'd rephrase the correct answer for question 33 to be:

D. Neither a deficit nor a surplus is being created.

* What do you guys think? Did either of you also get this question wrong? If so, was it because of the wording?


Anonymous said...

90 percent - I missed three questions, including the same one you missed, Bill, and for the same reason.

William R. Barker said...

Nice to "meet" ya, Olliemax!

re: Mad

Yeah, just for anyone who doesn't know, I'm a "ringer" too - Northeastern University Class of '87, BS (because I took stats instead of a language) in Political Science, concentration in International Affairs, minor in world history.

Still... I wonder, Mad, if we're the norm, even for poli-sci/history undergrads.

I really ENJOYED my studies. Did a great deal of outside reading for "fun." Still do! (*GRIN*) I'd be interested in both the mean and median scores you'd get if you surveyed and quizzed ONLY poli-sci/history undergrad degree holders.

Another interesting comparison might be "general" liberal arts undergrad degree holders vs. hard science grads. I'd actually place my bet on the hard science majors doing better than "general" liberal arts degree holders.

Any thoughts...? (Anyone?) (*SMILE*)

* Oh... and Olliemax... if you can find a moment perhaps shoot off an email to the survey folks too about question #33. The more folks they hear from the higher the chances they'll "fix" that question.


Rodak said...

I thought that good, solid "B" was pretty good for an English major...

William R. Barker said...

re: Rodak; November 22, 2008 9:56 AM

Yep. Agreed. A solid B/B-. Not bad at all for an English major! (*WINK*)

I wonder how the typical recent English grad would do. (*SIGH*)


Anonymous said...

Still... I wonder, Mad, if we're the norm, even for poli-sci/history undergrads.

Bill, glad you enjoyed your studies. Personally, I think I wasted time and money. Humanities and so-called "Behavioral and Social Sciences" (other than clinical psychology and economics) are complete and total bullshit.

Unfortunately, as a sort of polymath, I was good at too many subjects as a young'un. I made the dumb-ass mistake of getting involved with the so-called social science/humanities track rather REAL important stuff like math and the physical sciences. Thus, my general contempt and hatred for both religion and politics.

These days, I read math books for recreation and spiritual uplift. Nothing else is true or matters ...

Anthony said...

I only got one wrong.
We should all run for office (except Rodak!)