Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm Begging You Folks... (re: "By the People; re: "Adios America")





As to the former... if you're only going to read one non-fiction book for the rest of your life... Murray's "By the People" is the one to read. It explains everything you need to know about how and why Our Founders' Great Experiment has failed.

Folks... ya know how I tend to be... er... um... just a tad... a teensie-weensie bit... er... full of myself?


I'm just a piker compared to Murray. The man is brilliant. And he can write! He can not simply state - but make - his case!

Fair warning...


I find myself reading a few pages... perhaps a good part of a chapter... and then taking a break. NOT because it's "heavy" reading in an academic sense, but simply because it's so damned depressing.


Murray lays it out...


There's just no friggin' hope...




You ALL should read this book! At the very least it'll give you a more perfect ability to follow my "short-hand" commentaries here on the blog and on FaceBook.

(Yes, folks... AGAIN... I urge you all to follow me on FaceBook...)

As to Coulter's book...



Again... it's depressing... and infuriating.

Frankly, I don't give a shit about your visceral "feelings" towards Ann Coulter. They're irrelevant. Coulter's personality is... what it is. (As is mine!) But if you're truly a "grown-up" you'll put that crap aside and just READ the woman's book.

"Adios America" isn't simply Coulter "opining." This is a book filled with cited facts, figures, and on-target analysis.

BONUS: Coulter's book is far less challenging than Murray's. By this I mean you don't even have to be all that well-read, well-educated, or knowledgeable in order to "follow" Coulter. (With Murray... starting out with your own broad knowledge base helps speed along the reading process quite a bit.)

In any case... DEFINITELY read Murray's "By the People." I don't care if you're a registered Democrat, an Independent, a Green, a Republican, a Conservative, a Liberal... whoever you are and whatever you believe... I guarantee you that reading Murray's "By the People" is worth your time and effort. In fact... I'm betting that those of you who answer my "call" will end up thanking me.


As to Coulter's book... I know that this is a tougher "sell." That said... those of you who have any respect for me (regardless of whether my "tone" and/or my "politics" are your cup of tea) will afford me the RESPECT - as well as the "benefit of the doubt" - of acceding to my... er... "prompt."

Again... I know how I come off to many of you.


I can be over-bearing; obnoxious even! "Condescension?" It's my middle name! But those of you who are honest with yourselves will acknowledge that I tend to know of which I speak.


As to my actual friends...


As to my actual REAL LIFE friends...

As to the "FaceBook friends" I've come to love as REAL friends...



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