Monday, July 18, 2016

Blue Lives Matter...

On several occasions over the past few years I've thrown the following observation - and question - out:

With tens of thousands of skilled, combat-tested veterans out there - some still active, others serving in the reserves, the majority however now discharged and living their lives simply as "veterans" - frankly, I'm amazed that there hasn't been a rash of political assassinations in this country over the past decade.

"Why," I wonder?

It's certainly a fair question given the fact that anyone who pays attention and gives a damn knows that 22 veterans per day exhibit the ultimate sign that they've been "damaged" via committing suicide.

Imagine... the pain... physical or mental anguish... being so extreme that it pushes one to suicide - the ultimate "anti-social" act of "escape."

Why suicide and not homicide?

The anger many feel against our government and its masters is palpable. The polls bear me out on this. Americans hate our Congress. Only 11% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. And beyond our communal contempt for Congress, Americans increasingly distrust the media... the courts... academia... and view government as a whole as incompetent and irresponsible at best, corrupt and venial at worst.

So... why haven't American politicians been targeted for violence?

Yes, yes, there was the Gabby Giffords shooting. But that was not "political" as such. (At least that's the story we've been told by government and media.) Indeed, the shooter, Jared Leigh Loughner, was initially diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and deemed incompetent to stand trial - though later (August 2012), absent much media coverage, he was judged competent to stand trial and at the hearing he plead guilty to 19 counts and was sentenced to life plus 140 years in federal prison.

Now, in 2016, year eight of "The Age of Obama," we've suffered a rash of political assassinations - only the targets... the victims... haven't been the politicians and government officials whom so many hate and whom it's fair to say the majority of our citizenry feels a fair amount of contempt for and anger and disgust toward. No. The targets... the victims... have been police officers.

Rightly or wrongly, many Americans feel Barack Obama and the Left bear some responsibility for what's been going on... for the murders of police officers. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton have often voiced support for the "Black Lives Matter" Movement (BLM).

Ponder this my friends: The Dallas shooter was a black army veteran. The Baton Rouge was a black marine veteran. Both shootings were driven by politics, ideology, and racial disenchantment.

Again, folks... the "tone" we've gotten out of the Obama White House, the Lynch (and before that the Holder) Justice Department, and the Left in general is clearly one of sympathy for the false narrative that "the white power structure," "the blue power structure," unfairly and unjustly targets blacks (and to a lesser extent Hispanics).

Of course neither President Obama nor his allies and supporters in positions of power "justify" the ambushes... the assassinations... but back to that "tone"... clearly neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton see BLM as a problem - much less some sort of "insurgent movement." Indeed... Obama has invited BLM leaders to the White House!

I poise this question: "What's next?"

Back to the tens of thousands of skilled, highly-trained veterans out there - and the hundreds of thousands of armed law enforcement personnel (not to mention millions of retired cops - most no doubt possessing weapons and retaining the skills they were once practiced in) who have no doubt been following "incidents" such as Dallas and Baton Rouge with horror; what if a certain percentage of them decide that the only way to protect their brothers in blue and the greater society is to "fight fire with fire?"

What if a new "movement" emerges - call it "Blue Lives Matter," or BlLM for short?

What if misguided actors identifying with BlLM start targeting... black politicians?

Yes, I know, most of you are probably thinking "Barack Obama." After all, he's the most powerful black politician in the country... in the world. But, no... I'm actually not thinking of the President. I'm thinking of the aforementioned Attorney General Lynch... former Attorney General Holder... members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Apparently some small minority on the Left - and within the "Black Community" - want to see a race war break out on the streets of America. Many Americans believe this race war is already here. What if those who believe "Blue Lives Matter" answer their challenge with "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?"

What if in "retaliation" for the murders of policemen the next assassination target is... Al Sharpton... or Jesse Jackson? And what if such targeting is successful?

Folks... I pose the questions the media and the politicians won't.

I'm not calling for this. I'm simply pondering the sheer numbers of serving military members, reservists, veterans, police officers, retired police officers, and plain ol' armed citizens here in America and wondering "What happens if a mere fraction of 1% of these people become "radicalized" in the same way self-described "domestic terrorists" and those targeting our police officers have been "radicalized?"

Frankly... I'm worried.

I can't imagine that sooner or later senseless violence won't be "countered" with more senseless violence - only this time in "retaliation."

No one wants a race war. (Or do they...???)

No one wants political and ideological "warfare" to descend into actual warfare. (Or do they?)

The Left is playing a very dangerous "game."

God bless America.

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